Working for a Landscape / Irrigation company

Are you interested in a career in landscaping or irrigation? There are a couple of options. You can either start a landscaping company or work for one. Starting a company requires a lot of consideration, capital, experience, and business acumen; so the best course for most people is the latter. Miami, Florida has many landscape/irrigation companies, such as Cortada Landscape design, that are willing to hire motivated employees who are passionate about their chosen field.

Working for a landscaping company can also be spiritually rewarding. You will find that just seeing a new landscape that you have designed, installed or taken care of come to life can fill your heart with happiness and pride. There is something very satisfying about getting the opportunity to play playing the role of a creator, caretaker and nurturer.

Types of jobs available in a landscaping/irrigation company:

There are several different types of jobs you can do in a landscaping / irrigation company. These include landscape/irrigation designer, technician, groundskeeper, ground supervisor, landscape operations manager and more. Each of these jobs require people with a particular set of knowledge and skills. Here is a look at what each job entails:

• Landscape architect: The job of a landscape architect is to design a beautiful and functional landscape as well as to provide services in site design, natural resources management, environmental conservation and heritage preservation. Since a landscape architect possesses a unique combination of design skills, technical expertise and knowledge of plants, he or she is more sought after by customers. You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field and a license to work as a landscape architect. You can obtain the license by passing the Landscape Architect Registration Exam.

• Landscape designer: The job of a landscape designer is to design attractive and functional landscape and irrigation systems. You do not need to have construction, grading or any specific technical knowledge to be a landscape designer. But you may be required to classes in the field. If you have a bachelor’s degree in the field, it would be big a plus.

• Landscape installer: The job of a landscape installer is to install the landscape designed by the landscape architect or designers. You must have knowledge of construction, gardening and irrigation. While holding a degree in the field is not necessary, it will improve your chances. However, you must be properly trained and you must also be licensed to practice your trade.

• Ground supervisor: The job of a ground supervisor is to ensure that the landscape is healthy and attractive at all times by leading and supervising his subordinates (landscape technician, groundkeeper, etc.) to mow the lawns, irrigate the plants, trim the shrubs and perform other maintenance works as needed. Most landscaping companies in Miami, Florida require you to have at least a high school diploma to qualify for the job.

• Landscape technician: The job of a landscape technician is to perform gardening and maintenance work to ensure that the landscape and irrigation system remains functional and attractive. You don’t need to have formal educational for the job, but you must have some training or at least some experience. Since the job requires a lot of physical work, you should be physically fit. You should also be licensed to apply pesticides.

• Groundskeeper: The job of a groundskeeper is to perform a variety of tasks using tools to mow, sod laying, fertilizing, planting, watering, trimming, digging, raking and installing sprinklers. You do not need to have a formal education to work as a groundskeeper, but most companies require you to be physically fit in view of the hard work that is required.

• Landscape Operations Manager: The job of a landscape operations manager is to direct the installations and maintenance of a landscape project for residential and commercial customers. You need to have at least a high school diploma to qualify for the job. Many companies prefer to hire candidates who have a few years’ experience in working in the field.

• Horticulturist: The job of a horticulturist is to advise the clients about specific plants suitable for their garden and how to take care of them. You must hold an undergraduate or a graduate degree in the field and have extensive knowledge of plants. However, you are not required to have design, construction and management skills.

What to look for in a landscape company when applying for a job:

There are many landscape companies in Miami, Florida to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for as it relates to pay, opportunities for advancement and job satisfaction, some companies might be a good fit, while others may not. Think carefully before applying. Here are some of the things you should consider before applying for a job:

• A company that values you: While big landscaping companies look more attractive to job applicants, there are advantages in working for the small ones. You can easily get noticed by the people who matter. You will get the opportunity to build good relationships with employees of all levels. You will get the chance to participate in almost every project the company undertakes, which gives you the opportunity to learn the business inside out as well as to diversify your skills. You will also have the opportunity to grow with the business and get credit for your contribution.

• A company that provides mentorship: If you are young or inexperienced in landscaping, then look for a company that provides or believes in nurturing mentor-apprentice relationship. In such companies, the managers play the role of mentors to motivate and teach the employees. This usually happens in small companies where the manager and employees get to interact on a person-to-person basis.

If you are a motivated and hardworking person with a passion for landscaping, then you are just the person Cortada Landscape Design is looking for. A reputable and well-established company that has designed and installed hundreds of residential and commercial landscapes in Miami, Florida, the company will offer you lots of opportunities to exhibit your talent, work with skilled and knowledgeable colleagues, interact with people from different backgrounds, and grow professionally as well as an individual.

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