Why do My LED Landscape Lights Keep Burning Out?

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LED landscape lighting spices things up when it comes to landscape customization and beautification.  You want the outside of your home to look as good as the inside. One way to add gorgeousness to your outdoor space is through beautiful, functional LED landscape lights. However, homeowners’ gripe about the pain of installing expensive outdoor lighting for a perfect outdoor look, only to discover their bulbs are burning out quickly.  Does LED landscape lighting burnout drive you crazy? You might want to stick around and find out why your LED landscape lights keep burning out.


Ever noticed that in times of rain, snow or fog your lights aren’t as bright? Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights do not produce as much heat to melt off snow, hail, or ice. During winter or a summer thunderstorm, you can easily mistake burnt-out lights with lights covered in snow or ice. When these weather issues occur, the easiest solution is to use a broom to sweep off the debris from the light. That way, your LED landscape lights will shine brightly again.


You may want to find another LED supplier if you rely on the same supplier whenever your LED landscape lights burn out. The market is awash with unique LED landscape light designs, yet not all these manufacturers meet quality standards. If you are looking to replace the LED landscape lights on a regular basis, then you may want to stock your shelves in preparation for a wave of burnouts. However, it’s possible to light up your yard throughout the year with LED landscape lights of the right quality.

The next time you replace your landscape lights, make sure you are getting the right quality. Choose the lights by looking into weather conditions in your area as well as where the lights will be located. Excellent LED Landscape lights that may cost a little more can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions all night all year round.

Type of LED lights

There are different types of outdoor LED lights, and anyone can easily label outdoor lights for all-purpose use. For example, stage LED lights look good and can give you custom landscaping ideas but are not necessarily suitable for landscape decoration. The solution is to determine whether you use the right LED landscape lights. Be very careful when buy LED bulbs, because the wrong bulb outdoors is a fire hazard.


All manufactured products have an expiration date. For landscape LED lights, check the life span. Manufacturers indicate the lights’ lifespan and checking before purchase or installation is advisable. You may want to spend a little extra money when buying the lights, to ensure you get lights with an extended life span.

Connection Issues

The other common problem we see with outdoor LED lights is faulty connections. LED Landscape lights are susceptible to moisture. The same way moisture can affect electronics such as your laptop or cell phone, it affects LED landscape lights as well. Water could seep in from a weak point created during installation, so it can easily short out the lights. Using high-quality fixtures is the best way to avoid getting stuck in this cycle of replacing outdoor LED lights. However, even with high-quality fixtures, it is vital to get a professional to do the installation with the right tools. All this extra effort and expense ensures the outdoor lighting remains waterproof.

There can also be a connection issue involving terminals. Some LED landscape lights come with a user manual and an installation guide. This means anybody with basic electrical knowledge can embark on making the connection. However, only a professional can fully comply with the connection regulations, including voltage requirements and terminal connections. During installation, ensure you source the services of a qualified electrician locally or from the landscape LED light distributor.

When the circuit wires connected to the fixtures are loose, your LED landscape lights are bound to short circuit. Loose circuit connections cause flickering of lights which in return shortens the life span of the LED bulbs on the light.

Voltage Variation

When designing custom landscapes, people tend to choose the best designs that fit their landscape design preferences. However, not all online LED landscape lights can work on your lawn. Different countries have different voltage variations. LED lights from one country may not work in the United States, for example. Replacing your burnt-out LED landscape lights with the same one without doing some due diligence could be one of the reasons.

If voltage supply and voltage demand by the LED lights differ, you will suffer the same fate. A high voltage supply will cause the LED lights to burn brighter and burn out even faster.

Wrong Dimmer Switch

 Not too long ago, designers made early versions of dimmer switches for bare incandescent bulbs only. This means that using the same dimmer switch for the new LED landscape lights damages the circuit, causing the light to burn out quickly. Consider switching to a more recent dimmer switch version compatible with your LED landscape lights.

Socket Corrosion

Outdoor lighting sockets undergo very harsh weather conditions and are susceptible to corrosion, unlike indoor sockets. Water, dirt, chemicals, or other matter that meets the socket can corrode the connection eventually. This happens more often than usual if your sockets are not waterproofed, covered, or installed in waterproof or watertight locations.


Besides overheating caused by varying voltage supply and requirement, LED landscape lights may overheat from insulation. If you install your landscape lighting incorrectly, or the lights you choose aren’t a good fit for your landscape lighting needs, they may overheat. You should reconsider redoing the installation if you are over-insulating the LED lights to prevent moisture from seeping through them. You can also consider using IC-rated fixtures to avoid overheating when in contact with the insulation.


There are various reasons why your LED landscape lights could keep burning out, including connection problems, buying poor quality lights, overheating, and voltage variation. If you are constantly replacing LED landscape lights that keep burning out, you need to address one of these reasons. You can also check for all these issues to ensure your next replacement is the last or the last in a very long time. Installing LED landscaping lights in your home can make your home look beautiful at night, especially if you love to host parties. Find the best high-quality LED lights and follow the above tips to achieve an attractive, well-lit landscape. Need help finding a landscape lighting solution for your piece of paradise? Contact Cortada Landscape today for the perfect lighting solution for your landscape.

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