Wall Garden Ideas for Your Lawn

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If you have a well-manicured lawn but want to add more interest to your outdoor space, you may want to create a wall garden or two in order to increase curb appeal. Some of these ideas are simple and elegant, while other ideas are more elaborate, so it’s important that you choose a wall garden that showcases your personal style and makes your home more welcoming.

Vine Plants

Flowers that grow like vines are a great way to make your garden more colorful, and to give texture to the landscape. Set up a fence made of wood or metal, choosing fence designs that have wide openings so that it’s easy to see the flowers. To get the desired effect, be certain that the fence is secure, and make sure that the fence is at the length you want before the flowers are free to grow. Plants like clematis are beautiful when used as vine plants, and provide bright color that pairs well with the lush green of your garden. It’s best to plant clematis during the fall, and even though the vines don’t grow from bulbs, the plants will reserve energy during the summer so that they’ll bloom the following season. Clematis flowers also boast a purple color that looks great against the brick of your home. If the flowers are light or medium purple, they show up well against a tan or beige brick; flowers that are deep purple look great against a dark brown or red brick.

You can also use morning glory flowers for your wall garden. These perennial flowers are a rich blue color with white or yellow accents and can serve as the feature piece for your garden or lawn. Morning glories can also be used as a wall garden border for a small vegetable or herb garden, making this section of your front or backyard more appealing.


If you have limited lawn space, trellises are a great tool for a wall garden. You can set up a wood trellis on the side or in the front of your home, and adorn the trellis with potted plants of various sizes. Trellises offer a great way to feature plants that grow in various seasons because you can get the appropriate soil for each pot without having to wait for the cold or warm weather to grow the plants and flowers of your choice. Ferns and cacti are ideal for this type of wall garden since ferns and cacti require little maintenance. Additionally, the trellis is aesthetically pleasing on both wood or brick home siding. You can also achieve the same visual effect with hex wire. A trellis with hex wire is great for small-pot planting; you can attach the pots to the wire with sturdy hooks. A single flower or small bunch of flowers that are bright in color, such as carnations or tulips, work well with trellises, especially since these flowers are fairly easy to maintain.

Stacked Crates

Stacked crates in the shape of a wall make an ideal wall garden if you have an earthy and minimalist style. You can screw the crates together or attach them to one another with secure glue. Stacked crates are a beautiful addition to an existing garden, or you can use the display to grow small plants like herbs or mini cucumbers or tomatoes. Be sure to plant the herbs that grow the tallest at the top for aesthetic appeal. Stacked crates are also a nice conversation piece.

Hanging Planter Arrangement

 If you have a small wall in your garage that has been converted into a family room or want to add an interesting touch to the space near your front door, you can install a metal rod to create a hanging planter arrangement. Purchase a few yarn or cotton plant holders for your pots, and if you have space above the hanging arrangement, hang a piece of original art or a large monogram to personalize the space even more. This type of wall garden is often budget-friendly, and you can choose from houseplants or seasonal flowers to compliment the colors already in the space.

Repurposed Furniture

Convert an old dresser or nightstand into a beautiful garden that will make your lawn one of a kind. Just open the drawers and fill them with soil before adding the seeds of your choice. Hanging plants like ferns are perfect for drawer gardens because the leaves will hang from the drawers and bring more attention to the garden. You can also choose hanging flowers like baby’s breath and morning glory to add color to the garden and give it a more romantic feel. While this is not technically a wall garden, it can easily be added to the porch or backyard to give the space more character. Using repurposed furniture is also a great garden choice if you’ve used artificial turf for your lawn and don’t want to dig up soil to grow new plants or flowers.

Garden from Recycled Materials

If you love repurposing items and want to find another use for your empty soda bottles, you can cut a space out of the side of the bottles and use the bottles as planters. Hang the bottles on a clothesline and add as many as you want so that you can feature some different plants in the garden. You can even paint the bottles to match the side of your home, further customizing your wall garden.

Lattice Gardens

Find a lattice in a size that works for you and arrange your favorite potted plants around the lattice. Choose plants that will naturally grow up the lattice, and make sure the potted plants have bright colors in order to add more texture and visual appeal to your garden. You can also install the lattice in the middle of an existing vegetable or flower garden to serve as the feature piece. A lattice is a beautiful way to feature the most colorful flowers in your garden, or you can use it to showcase vine plants like tomatoes or black pepper.

Fence-Like Crates

Choose crates made from the same type of wood as your fence, and place the crates in front of the fence to create a stacked wall garden. You can even paint the crates the same color as the fence so, it looks like the plants are growing from the fence. Fragrant plants like lavender or herbs are best for these types of gardens, especially if you spend lots of time outside and like to entertain friends and family outdoors. Planting edible items in the crates can serve as a conversation piece and a backyard attraction, so choose foods like strawberry or peppermint leaves that you can easily harvest and use to make recipes for your loved ones.

Choose one or more of these wall garden ideas to give your yard more character. If you have to do any intense planting in your yard or need to set up irrigation systems to ensure that the new flowers or herbs you’re planting will be well watered, be sure to contact landscape professionals who can get the job done effectively and efficiently.