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How to Build the Perfect Walkway for Your Home

A walkway/pathway reveals a lot about the home and the people who live in it. A beautifully designed, elegant pathway means the home is just as beautiful and elegant inside as it is outside and that the owner has a taste for finer things in life and takes good care of his or her home.…
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Landscaping in North Miami Beach

Here are before and after pictures of a project we did in North Miami Beach. Due to flooding caused by the buildings courtyard being lower than street level. We had to provide the buildings with adequate drainage. First we removed any sod, then we back filled with 80 tons of ballast rock and then added…
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Pathway in Miami Beach FL

Pathway is a good way of guiding people throughout the landscape. We decided to use an informal pathway for this design to break up the very Straight architecture of the house. 18 x 18 inch coral stepping stones were used with 3/8” pea gravel. Aluminum metal edging was used on the right side to add…
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