Tree Transplant in La Gorce Islands

At this La Gorce property we planted 13 travelers palm trees 16-20’HT and 13 Bambusa Chungii, Blue bamboo 20’25’HT along the east and west side of the property to create privacy from the neighbor.

For these very large trees, we had to utilize heavy equipment to get these plants of a semi-truck and to their destination area for planting. It was very important for us to measure the root ball and compare it to the hole we dug to get it the correct size After the hole was dug, we used the Bobcat skid Steer to lift and ease the tree into the hole making sure the top of the root ball was not below the level of the adjacent ground. Lastly we back filled the hole and created a water ring around the root ball before watering to keep the water from running off.

Tree- Transplant- La Gorce

Tree-Transplanting- La Gorce

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