Tips for Creating a Good Residential Design

Creating a good residential design is about using your imagination to create a living environment that is both beautiful and functional. When creating such a design, some of the important things to consider are the house style, landscape style, local residential laws, the costs of implementation, the natural surroundings and local climate, and your own personal taste. So, here are 8 tips for creating such a design for your house and landscape in Miami, Florida:

1. Research house and landscape styles:

There are numerous house and landscape design styles. Research the styles to find the one that suits your purpose and appeals to your aesthetic sense. The ten most popular house styles in Miami, Florida are craftsman, country, traditional, European, ranch, farmhouse, cottage, modern, southern and Mediterranean. The most popular landscape design styles include modern, tropical, Mediterranean, Japanese garden, contemporary garden and Southwest. Once you have chosen a style, you do not have to go by the book; you can use your imagination and mix up different styles to create your own style.

2. Know the history of your house:

If you want to make changes to the house you have bought, then make efforts to know the history of the house. Find out when it was made, who made it and for what purpose, what particular taste he or she had, the original floor plans, the original landscape design, the architects and landscape designers and the modifications made by the previous owners. You can find these from written records and floor maps. This information will help you make the right decision when redesigning or remodeling your house.

3. Give priority to the natural surrounding:

A perfect garden is one that is in harmony with its natural surroundings. So, give priority to the natural surroundings when designing your landscape. Rather than trying to mold the surrounding according to your landscape design, try to mold the design to suit the surrounding. For example, if you are designing a house and garden in a coastal area, then incorporate all the features that are necessary to make your landscape look like a natural extension of the coastal landscape. Not only will it make your home and garden look picture perfect, they will also need less maintenance.

4. Give preference to native plants in the garden:

When designing your landscape, give preference to native plants. They have several advantages over non-native plants. They are stronger and healthier and establish more quickly. Since they thrive in their natural environment and attract birds and small animals, they are great for creating a wild habitat in your backyard. They require less watering, fertilizer and pesticides. They also need less maintenance than non-native plants, which will save you a lot of time and money. South Florida has hundreds of native herbs, shrubs and trees. Click here to see the complete list of native plants of south Florida.

5. Consider creating a food garden:

Residential food gardens are increasingly becoming popular in cities, suburbs and rural areas across the USA, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Besides putting food on your table, it helps add flavor to your meals, builds connection to the land (which is something sorely missing in modern urban life), helps regenerates brown fields, and empowers your community. A well designed residential food garden adds beauty to your home, promotes physical and mental health, and increases your commitment to green living. You don’t have to devote the whole area to the food garden. If you have a backyard, the will do very nicely. But avoid creating a food garden right in front of the house.

6. Incorporate features to maximize natural lighting:

Besides saving electricity, daylight has many physical and psychological benefits. It helps promote a positive mood, which leads to a healthy and happy life. So incorporate features in the design to maximize natural lighting. These may include windows with translucent shades, additional windows, mirrors placed on walls opposite a window, reflective surfaces such as back-painted glass backsplash that bounce light rays around, white painted ceilings that reflect light, and daylighting systems that capture sunlight on the roof and redirect it through a reflective tube into the interior of the house. You can also incorporate some of these features to the part of the garden that receives less sunlight.

7. Extend the indoor into the outdoor and the outdoor into the indoor:

A house and garden that extends into each other’s territory expands the living space, lets you be close to nature, allows you to breathe fresh air, promotes good feelings and contributes to happiness and good health. One way to bring the outdoor into the indoor and vice versa is via the patio. Make the patio an extension of the garden by lining it with potted plants and flowers. You can also consider building a conservatory, where you can relax and entertain in the midst of plants. Install French doors that allow a view of the backyard, so that you can enjoy the outdoor without having to go out. Incorporate these features into the design rather than adding them afterwards.

8. Hire an experienced architect and landscape designer:

Lastly and most importantly, hire a good architect and landscape designer. Experienced architects and landscape designers can turn even the most mundane place into a beautiful and functional work of art. A modern house should be exactly that. Give preference to a company rather than an individual, because companies usually have a team of experts on specializing different aspects of home and landscape designs. Before hiring them, ask to see their previous works and if possible talk to some of their previous clients before hiring them.

Creating a residential design is the domain of professional architects and landscape designers. Unless you have extensive knowledge of landscape designing, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional landscaping company. Cortada Landscape Design is one of the most trusted companies for residential as well as commercial landscaping in Miami, Florida. We have built beautiful and elegant landscapes for hundreds of homes in and around the city. Call us or visit us today to design the perfect landscape for your home.

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