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Attractive Garden Plants that Tolerate Shade

Looking for a way to spruce up your garden this fall? There are lots of plants to choose from, including plants that are suitable for shaded gardens and yards. Such plants are often a lovely choice for lining your walkway or serving as border plants in your yard. No matter what your vision is for…
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Best spring flowers for your garden

Spring is often called the season of new beginnings. Buds grow on denuded trees, animals come out to frolic in the sun and smell the sweet air, and the Earth becomes alive with the sounds of birds and the resplendent colors of flowers in various stages of bloom. Without a doubt, spring is the season…
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Slope Garden Design Tips

Nothing can give you a landscaping and gardening headache than trying to figure out how to optimize or landscape a slope in your garden. This is where many simply remove the exhausted hamster off its hamster wheel in their mind, running to what seems like no-solution-station. Yes, dealing with a slope is not an easy…
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