Sylvester Palm Relocation in Miami, FL

Here are some pictures of us transplanting / relocating a sylvester palm tree on a job site in Miami, FL. When transplanting a tree you first want to figure out its new location and dig the new planting hole. Next you want to dig a 2 foot deep trench around the palm about 18 inches from the edge of the trunk. Then tip the tree to one side and cut about a 2 feet deep root ball with a shovel or spade. Using a bobcat or skid steer machine to lift and move the palm tree into its new hole. Now you want to ensure the tree is planted at the correct height. You don’t want to plant it too deep because this can lead to trunk rot and fungus problems. Lastly, make sure you heavily water the palm after transplant. This will compact the soil in the root zone and remove any air pockets with in the root zone. Irrigation/sprinkler systems should be turned on everyday other day for the next 2 months following transplant. Hand watering with the garden hose is still the most effective means of watering any transplanted tree or palm. After the palm has rooted less water is required.