South Miami Front Yard Landscape Design

South Miami Front Yard Landscape Design

A well thought-out landscape design can be very inspirational and inviting. It can give one a sense of calmness and welcoming into one’s front yard.  A beautiful front yard landscape can also motivate neighboring home owners to landscape their front yards thereby improving the curb appeal and adding valve to the entire neighborhood.

Nature gives us a wide-range palette of textures, fragrances and colors to chose from in our landscape design, but sometimes the simplest design can be the most effective.  Making use of basic plant materials provides several advantages. The first is it makes sourcing material easier; therefore you are able to find higher quality plants at a good price. Usually these plants have proven to be hardy and thus providing more sustainability in the landscape. Last but not least, your landscape maintenance provider is probably familiar with these plants and knows how to keep them looking their best making maintenance easier.

For this project in south Miami we utilize the simplest of material, and the outcome was more than stunning.

Plant/Hardscape material use:

Dwarf Juniper ‘Blue Pacific’

Bulbine ‘Orange’

Crossandra ‘Peach’

Green Island Ficus

Dracaena Arborea

Aluminum Metal Edging ‘bronze color’

Cypress Mulch


As with any landscape project our first scope of work was to demo the existing unwanted plant and hardscape material. Secondly, we repaired some irrigation piping that was broken during the demolition also re-routed irrigation piping to accommodate the new landscaping. We also installed a new digital Rainbird timer, 4 Rainbird valve, add several spray heads and relocated several rotors. Lastly, was the installation of the plants and hardscape material. By simplify these material we were able to create a tremendous layering of the different material.


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