Sod installation in Coral Gables

When installing sod, first you want to prep the area by loosening and breaking up the soil. It is good to use a rake to level the area and remove all debris. The first row of sod should be installed adjacent to the longest straight line, then work out from there. You want to butt ends together and avoid overlapping. Overlapped sod edges will cause turf to be uneven. Staggering the joints will help produce a more even look when the sod grows in. Fresh laid sod should be watered immediately. Make sure that your sprinklers are working properly and that you have complete coverage. You want to water the sod daily for two weeks until sod is rooted than less watering is required. You also have to be careful not to over water the sod as this will lead to fungus and other problems. Hiring a spray service will ensure your sod gets off to a good start.