Six Reasons Professional Landscape Lighting is Worth the Investment

Energy-Efficient Landscape Lighting - Green Illumination for Your Home

Landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your yard for aesthetic, recreational, and security purposes. This lighting upgrades your property while offering extra space and highlighting your best outdoor features. 

Pros of Hiring a Professional for Your Landscape Lighting

  1. Proper Installation

Setting up a landscape lighting system requires skills. A professional is well-trained on how to lay out the wiring. Some people hire electricians to handle installing their lights, while others attempt to do the work as a DIY project. However, not getting a professional might cost you more in the long run, as unskilled people may damage the lighting system. A person with experience will also get the job done in a shorter time.

  •  Design

Landscape lighting requires good planning and design. A professional will design your lighting according to present and future needs. The expert will also assess your yard and position the lights in the right place, where they can effectively illuminate the yard.

  • Components

Getting a professional in landscape lighting will help you pick the most appropriate light for your outdoor space. Elements like bulbs and light fixtures heavily contribute to the quality of your landscape lighting. When you are picking a light fixture out for your yard, look at the beam spread, which refers to the spread of light from the bulb. Experts will help you choose the best light fixtures depending on the width of the objects on your lawn. They will also suggest high quality, durable items that will serve your landscape for a long time.

  • Tools

Landscape lighting, like many other jobs, requires special tools for installation. You cannot improvise and use inappropriate tools to set up the lights. Landscape lighting pros own complete sets of the necessary equipment to install the lighting fixtures and to dig trenches for wires. Their equipment is highly effective and can dig through patios and sidewalks.

  • Troubleshooting

A professional will correct any fault in your lighting system. After installation, there may be problems with the lights or the wiring. It is common to encounter issues like blinking lights immediately after installation. An expert in landscape lighting can identify the cause of such issues and rectify them. Getting an electrician to fix lighting problems can cause damage, as they are unfamiliar with outdoor lighting mechanisms.

  • Quality Services

Hiring a landscape lighting professional guarantees you good results. You can be sure that the lights will work well and meet your expectations. Some experts also provide a warranty.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • It raises your property value. Landscape lighting in your yard is a valuable investment in your future property value. In real estate, upgrading your property by adding new features helps to increase its value. According to statistics, buyers are more willing to buy homes with great outdoor décor and features. Landscaping lighting is an exciting addition that will get you a lot of money should you sell the property.
  • It highlights your outdoor décor. Many homeowners today love to decorate their lawns with furniture, plants, shade structures, pools, and fire pits. Placing your landscape lights in strategic areas will highlight your outdoor décor. Guests will quickly notice your water fountain, pool, and fireplace even in the evening with your outdoor lights.
  • Landscape lighting illuminates your yard. Adding light to your outdoor space creates more room in your home. You can spend your evenings and nights outdoors with family or guests with landscape lighting. You can also cook outside and enjoy other fun activities out of the house. Outdoor lighting adds ambiance that makes it enjoyable to spend time in the yard, whether alone or with family and friends. Some landscape lights have settings that allow you to dim the lights or add brightness. You can choose to dim lights to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • This outdoor lighting system provides security. Landscape lighting floods light to every lawn area, including walkways, driveways, and paths. You can, therefore, see everything on your property at night. The light also keeps you from tripping, falling, and getting injured while walking in the yard. The presence of this light also keeps away burglars and criminals. Some lights also have motion sensors that light up when they detect movement, making it possible to spot intruders. Landscape lighting, therefore, makes you and your family feel safe.

Landscaping lighting consists of bulbs, transformers, fixture housing, cables, and stake. This lighting uses a low-voltage system with the transformer converting the high voltage household current to a lower voltage. When searching for landscape lights, you must determine the kind of bulbs and fixture housing you want. Bulbs function as the output source and differ in voltage usage, brightness, color, and beam width. Fixture housings vary in shape and material, and they shelter the bulb. Popular materials for fixture housings include brass, aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel.

Types of Landscaping Lights

  • Floodlights. These lights illuminate a wider area and are brighter than most outdoor lights. They are perfect for large spaces with tall trees and thick shrubs.
  • Well Lights. Well lights are convenient for walls and fences. You can place them near the top of the structure where they can shelter in waterproof housing.
  • Downlights. Downlights sit on tree trunks or large structures. They create a moonlight effect on the lawns, paths, and walkways and feature sleek high-grade metal fixtures.
  • Wash Lights. This light resembles a tiny satellite dish and releases a soft glow. They are fit for flat surfaces like walls and fences.
  • Bullet Lights. They feature a narrow beam and illuminate outdoor structures and building features. They are precise and directly flashlight to one spot.
  • Garden Lights. Garden Lights are approximately 20 inches tall and feature canopies and metal posts. They are fit for lighting paths and walkways as they reflect light downwards.


Landscape lighting is a necessary feature of your property. The lights come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Working closely with a professional will help you get the most suitable outdoor lights for your property. Landscape lighting not only upgrades your property but also makes spending nights at home enjoyable. If you have an idea of the lights you want, approach a landscape lighting professional and discuss it with him. An expert will provide you with quality services and help you get high-quality and durable outdoor lights. Need help with your landscape lighting? Why not contact Cortada Landscape today?

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