Seven Cool Landscaping Ideas for Summer

Attractive Garden Plants that Tolerate Shade

Your home is where you retire after working all day. During the summer, when the temperatures are soaring, you must stay outside more at night to help cool yourself down.

There is no better way to relax outdoors than doing so in a splendid landscape with wonderful texture and greens. There are many beautiful and creative ways to make your landscape appealing and inviting. Read on to find out which idea can work best for you this summer.

1. Use Bold Colors on Your Structures

This is probably the easier and quickest way to upgrade your landscape for the summer. It is also the most cost-effective method. This trend involves using bold colors, especially dark colors, on outdoor structures.

Blue, green, or dark gray has creatively replaced the traditional shade of white that many people used to admire. You can find the inspiration for this trend in the culture of Europe. There will be a dramatic contrast between your lush garden and a dark fence. Your home will look exceptionally attractive.

Another advantage of dark colors is they will maintain a cleaner look for a longer time. Whites tend to get dirty after a few weeks or months. A white house is not ideal if you live in an area that has a lot of dust and dirt. The dark colors will also blend well with the paint you use on your walls.

2. Reinvent Your Lawn

For many years, people have considered watered and well-trimmed lawns as the true symbol of a relaxed suburban life. You might also be doing the same, struggling with planting grasses, watering, mowing, and trimming. You could also be using a lot of cash to buy fertilizers and pay your water bill. Things are changing. There are water shortages caused by droughts, and environmentalists are concerned about the use of fertilizers.

That aside, trimming your lawn requires time, which you may not have. If you have to hire someone to do it, you must pay. What’s the solution? Discard the traditional lawn types and plant grasses that don’t need mowing.

Many people nowadays use prairie-type grasses, such as Habiturf, on their lawns. You can try this on your lawn this summer and see how much time and cash it will save you.

3. Downscale Shrubs

Today, plots for building residential houses are very expensive. This has made many people build large houses on small plots. The spaces for yards are getting smaller and smaller. This calls for creativity. That’s why when you have a small yard, carefully choose the type of plants that will fit there.

Many landscaping professionals will advise you to plant dwarf shrubs, such as hydrangea and other dwarf ground-hugging and perennial plants. Not only do these types of plants require less space, but they will also reduce maintenance costs. That’s why there is a great demand for understory and columnar trees.

4. Use of Natural Materials Is Coming Back

For many years, landscape designers have been using hardscaping materials on their landscaping projects. These materials are now falling out of favor, more so because of their unattractive geometric shapes. This summer, you can go back to the old school style of landscaping and use natural materials. These DIY and old-fashioned landscaping techniques are gaining momentum globally.

That’s why, in many new homes, you’ll see small outdoor furniture, free-form decks, and garden benches. You’ll also see swing seats. These show that homeowners are renewing their interest in organic and natural materials.

There is a tendency to abandon concrete and metals seats and other fixtures in the garden. Many people replace them with stone and wood. Why not borrow this style and use it to bring new life to your yard this summer?

5. Dog-Friendly Landscaping

When upgrading your yard, do not forget about your best friend — your dog. You need to create a dog-friendly garden that doesn’t make your furry friend’s life difficult. Dogs like to dig in the yard. Therefore, to save your lawn, provide them with an alternative. How about a sandbox? Having your dog excavate a sandbox will make sure it doesn’t mess with your lavish garden. And, as a result, your yard will remain clean and attractive, and your dog will be happy.

To encourage your dog to excavate the sandbox, bury some of its toys or bones. Then, let it dig. This is better than allowing your dog to roam around the yard and dig.

6. Edible Gardens

If you want to upgrade your yard, why not consider creating an edible garden? Not all plants in your garden need to be decorative. Some should provide you with food.

Planting some vegetables and fruits in your yard will provide your family with vitamins and minerals. It will also save you the cost of buying these items from the grocery store. Although fruits and vegetables may attract birds, you can use environmentally friendly pest repellents to keep your garden safe.

The trend of having an edible garden is gaining momentum. Many homeowners now have beehives, chickens, and edible gardens sprouting in their backyards. Another group of homeowners has discovered a new idea — they are now creating dye gardens. They grow plants that provide them with natural dyes that they can use to color clothing, yarn, and textile.

7. Rambling Vines

Another great idea for making your landscape more appealing is to plant rambling vines. These vines are lovely and romantic. It is amazing to behold their tendrils winding around columns and fences, especially the delicate flowering species. Clematis is one such species. It has white, pink, red, purple, or blue flowers. This is the best way to welcome your guests.

Final Words

Are you thinking of upgrading your yard this summer? Let the experts do the job for you. Professional landscapers know what is best for your yard, and what is trending. They also understand the climate of your region and can advise on which plants can grow best in your yard.