We provide a level of service and expertise that goes far beyond that of traditional landscaping companies.

Landscaping will literally transform your residential or commercial property, increasing it’s aesthetic beauty, value and curb appeal. Your landscape, no matter the size, is a direct reflection of your home and your lifestyle. Our goal is recreate your lifestyle outdoors to enhance your quality of life through the landscape. We can customize our design concepts to meet your needs and budget. We provide a free initial in house consultation and quotes for all of our services. We will walk you thru each phase of the plan, from the initial concept to completion. Below is a complete list of services that we provide for your residential or commercial properties:

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Landscaping Design and Maintenance

Cortada Landscape Design has been involved in landscaping design, and maintenance in Miami and South Florida for nearly 20 years. Whether it’s helping you redesign your home or maintaining your commercial property, see why Cortada Landscape Design is the landscaper homeowners and professionals from Coral Gables to Miami Beach, Pinecrest to Miami Shores rely on for top quality landscaping and design at an affordable price.

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Landscape Design and Installation

No project can succeed without a good plan, and landscaping in South Florida is no different. Before the first hole is dug, we assist our customers in creating a detailed blueprint to fulfill their practical and visual needs. Our landscaping and designs are second to none. More Information

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Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Every plant or tree has it’s own set of special needs. Whether it’s a South Florida native or an Asian exotic at Cortada Landscape Design we have the knowledge to create the right irrigation system to make sure those needs are met. We offer affordable maintenance plans to ensure that your landscape stays healthy and Beautiful! More Information
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Landscape Lighting

We offer professionally installed landscape lighting for private or commercial landscapes and gardens. Not only does landscape lighting enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also adds security and accessibility as well. More Information
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Tree and Palm Relocation

Our professional team have planted and relocated thousands of trees in Miami and across South Florida. Whether it’s your prized possessions or a new purchase we guarantee to treat all your plants with love and care.

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Hardscape and Installation

We can design and install a large variety of hardscapes for your lawn or garden. Some of our hardscape services included walkways, decks, patios and driveways. Examples of the materials we regularly use are Oolite, Keystone, Coralina, and Travertine to name a few.

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Living Wall Garden

We can design and install a Living Wall Vertical Garden on just about any type of wall. Let our professionals turn your blank wall into a decorated outdoor or indoor space.
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