Reasons to Consider Redesigning Your Yard

Reasons to Consider Redesigning Your Yard and Removing That Stump

You may have been living in your house for several years. When you bought your house, you may have noticed that annoying stump in your yard. Perhaps it is by the back deck, spoiling your perfect view of your garden. The stump might also be in your front yard, distracting people from the beauty of your flowerbeds. Wherever your stump is, now is the time to do something about it. Act before your thoughts turn to the spring garden season.

Here are some reasons you need to think about redesigning your yard and rid it of a stump. That way, you get rid of a nuisance that has plagued your yard for years.

It Is Taking Away from the Natural Beauty of Your Yard

You may have spent a great deal of time perfecting your backyard garden. You have lovely bushes for butterflies. You might have a flowerbed made entirely of rose bushes from your mom’s garden back home. That tree is so beautiful and shady in your backyard surrounded by the lovely hostas you planted last spring. However, when you look at your yard, all you see is that stump. Because of its nature, the stump is distracting. If you want people to appreciate the work you are doing in the garden, you need a solution. Without the stump, your yard will look cleaner, and the lines of your garden will look neater.

They Are a Hazard

Tree stumps can be hazardous to your health. If there are tree stumps in the yard, you — or someone you love— can fall and sustain an injury. Even if your stump is flush with the ground, over time, the site will create holes. This means you can break an ankle when you step into a hole. Children can trip over the stump roots and cut their arms or legs. Having a stump on your property is a health hazard you can easily get rid of.

Stumps Attract Insects

The longer you let a stump hang out in your yard, the more likely it is to become an insect magnet. It is true. Freshly cut stumps have sap that attracts insects, and this is a problem. The older stumps are in the process of decomposition, which means that they are attracting termites, mosquitos, and beetles. Other flying insects, such as wasps that prey on beetles, will be buzzing around. You will want to get rid of the stump to prevent insects from invading it.

Stumps Spoil Your Garden Plans

If you are looking at redesigning your yard, you do not want to be redesigning it around a stump. For example, if you want to plant a new tree where the stump is, you have a problem. The stump roots could interfere with the sapling’s growth. This means you might have spent money on a new sapling for nothing if the stump is in the way. Also, depending on the tree, stump roots can be very widespread. The roots of trees spread out in a large, circular area. You can’t put in a new bed, a fountain, or even a new pergola because the stump is in the way. If you have been thinking about a redesign for a while, stop thinking. It is time to get rid of the stump that is messing up your plans.

Stump Removal and Redesign

If you look on the Internet, you will find many ways to remove a stump. Some people opt for taking it out with a stump grinder or a chain saw. However, both of these tools may not be enough to remove the stump completely. You may also try charcoal and use it to burn through the stump. It is difficult to remove all of the stump with charcoal, however, and you may be violating a burn ban. Also, if your stump is close to your deck, you do not want to burn it. You run the risk of setting your deck on fire — which could spread to your house. We have also heard of people using Epsom salt to remove stumps, but this takes time. Consider what type of plant you want in your garden after you remove the stump. Your new plant may not take well to Epsom salt. This means your newly planted flowerbed might be dead in a matter of weeks.

Why not consider having a professional remove that troublesome stump instead? That way, you do not run the risk of only having half the stump out of your yard. You also can choose to get rid of your stump without chemicals, which is better for your yard.

After you have your stump removed, what should you put in its place? Here are several ideas.

Redecoration Ideas

If your stump was in a place that obstructed your view, you might want to leave the area alone. You may not want additional decoration now that there is no more stump. This would be great if you had a nice view of a lake, or a rock wall with ivy, for example. If the yard is perfect without the stump and you have removed it, you will, then, have your perfect yard.

If you’re dying to put something there as part of a garden redesign, there are several ideas you could try. Perhaps you could put in a large flowerbed. A flowerbed would draw attention to the beauty of your yard. You may want to consider putting a bench where your stump was. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of your yard. The spot from which you removed the stump might make the perfect spot for a gazebo as well. Gazebos make the perfect focal point for you to enjoy your yard. We have also seen people remove a stump to put in an outdoor kitchen or living space. Once you have the offending stump removed, your options are limitless. Get busy on creating that new yard for yourself without that annoying stump.