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Simple Landscaping Tips For Any Design

Shows like Extreme Makeover have ruined our perception of what simple Miami landscaping entails. One has grown used to the big van parking in front of the nearly destroyed home of a family in need and within three days the entire home has been transformed into a palatial estate that is actually so over the…
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Slope Garden Design Tips

Nothing can give you a landscaping and gardening headache than trying to figure out how to optimize or landscape a slope in your garden. This is where many simply remove the exhausted hamster off its hamster wheel in their mind, running to what seems like no-solution-station. Yes, dealing with a slope is not an easy…
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Watering Tips For Your South Florida Lawn

This is a topic everyone seems to have an opinion about and they all differ as much as their preferred choice of irrigation. Some feel so strongly about their viewpoint you can sometimes hear the pitter-patter of tiny neighborly feuds. So, for today’s article the aim is to finally put an end to all the…
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