Oolite Retaining Wall in Miami Beach, FL

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A retaining wall is an architectural structure that also serves a purpose to hold sloping ground in place and to prevent the movement of soil.  Retaining walls are also built to raise living spaces above the surrounding ground plain. They can be built with a series of steps or tiers or even built to create planting beds leaving room for the addition of landscaping. If they are built with quality material and designed well, they can be the focal point in a landscape design rather than something that is necessary, but you may want to hide

A variety of different materials can be used to construct a retaining wall. Most common materials used are concrete, Stone, and wood.  For this retaining wall project in Miami Beach we used oolite to construct two planter boxes and several steps leading from the pool because of the differences in grade. By constructing these planter boxes / retaining walls we were able to include different types of planting materials in these planting beds creating more color, texture and significance to the pool area. Our client was perplexed as to how they could make this space more useful and safe at the same time. They had been dealing with the huge difference in grade for some time now. This part of the yard was basically abandoned.

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