Landscaping Project at Star Island in Miami Beach FL

For this project on Star Island, Miami Beach Florida, we have removed several Ficus Lyrata trees approximately 12’ HT with 4’ Spread and other smaller trees and shrubs to prepare for the new landscape. Because of the narrow gates and the layout of the property we had to use a 25 ton crane to lift large plant materials that were ranging from 12’ tall to 20’ tall from the neighboring empty lot into the backyard. Breaks in irrigation lines had to be repaired as well as us rerouting several sprinkler heads to accommodate the new landscape design. Also several electrical lines had to be re-routed to accommodate the large root balls of the new plant material. New LED landscape lighting was also added to this spectacular backyard.

Plants used on this project were:
Textilis Gracilis Bamboo
Fishtail Palm
Giant Blue Potato Tree
Small Leaf Clusia tree
Magnolia D.D. Blanchard
Seminole Demboya
King’s Mantle
Bahama Maidenbush
Wax Jasmine
Pin Wheel Jasmine
White Powder puff
Simpson Stopper
Yellow Oleander
Climbing Fig
Sweet Almond Verbena
Purple Firespike