Landscaping Lighting Design Trends Do’s & Don’ts

There have been incredible breakthroughs and advancements in landscaping lighting designs over the last few years. The incorporation of new, mesmerizing, and refreshing ideas has seen the innovation of some of the most outstanding lighting designs ever. Lighting is an innovative way of bringing out your creative side through your landscaping project. Lighting ensures that the beauty of your landscaping project does not stop when the sun goes down. Beautiful lighting design brings out the best of your landscape project at night or when there is minimal light.

The landscaping industry is awash with all sorts of unique designs, which incorporate art, class, and new technology to create breathtaking designs. Lighting is one of the critical components of any landscaping idea. Proper lighting ensures safety around your landscape, especially during night times. Finding a way to blend an incredible lighting system into any landscape project will make the project stand out.

Although there are numerous lighting designs in existence, there are many things to factor in before settling on any plan. Landscapers use lighting to enhance the beauty of any landscaping project. Therefore, using a unique blend of lighting design in the project is important. Homeowners can choose lighting from a variety of colors and lighting designs available.

Before picking on any particular lighting design for your landscaping project, it is essential to know the current trends in the industry. It is also vital to take note of the dos and don’ts to help you avoid making mistakes in your landscaping project.

Factors to Consider Before Picking a Lighting Design

The designers for landscaping lighting have different ideas and intentions that they try to achieve through their creations. As a landscaper, it is essential to take note of several factors before settling on a particular lighting design for your project. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Indoors or outdoors spacing: When deciding on the type of lighting design to settle on, the final space for the lighting is a key factor, because lighting designs come with different creations. For instance, there are lighting designs specifically created for the outdoor space, while others are purposefully for indoor spacing. The design, color schemes, and lighting strength are different for different occasions.
  • Quality and durability of the lights: It is vital to go for quality lighting designs, the more durable the lighting system, the better for you. Ensure you consider the quality rather than the cost of the lighting designs. You might leave some of the lights for extended periods. This means you will have to find a lighting system that can serve you for long hours and a more extended period.
  • Blending with the landscape: Selecting a lighting design that perfectly blends with your landscaping ideas will bring out the best of your project. Pick a lighting design that corresponds with your landscape, matching perfectly with other surrounding aspects.

Latest Trends in Landscaping Designs

The lighting industry mainly designs for landscape is awash with the most beautiful creations you can ever imagine. Numerous ideas will illuminate your space, making your project stand out irrespective of the season.

Some of the most mesmerizing light  latest trends in landscape lighting that you should look out for include the following:

  • Linear lighting: This majestic design incorporates LED lights carefully applied on the bottom edge of an overhanging step tread. This lighting design has a cooling, unique and modern feel, adding a sense of sophistication to the landscape. You can also beautifully apply the LED lights to hardscape materials.
  • Stylish scones: This lighting design allows for reflection of the interior aspects of your project into the adjacent spaces. The bouncing of the light with the indoor objects creates a cohesive and complete look of any space.
  • Smart lighting technology: The incorporation of technology and advancements in the field has created smart lighting systems, which allows for remote control of the lights and incorporates other background additive features. This convenient and smart way of lighting allows for creating some mesmerizing effects in your landscape.
  • Recessed lighting: It allows for successful integration of the lighting system into a structure. This unique lighting design allows for the illumination of the structures, leaving a lasting impression.

Dos and Don’ts in Landscaping Lighting

What you should do:

  • Use enough fixture material to light your property.
  • When lighting up a tree, ensure you cover both the trunk and canopy, which creates a vivid picture of the tree, even in darkness.
  • Employ the use of LED lighting- LED lights are energy-efficient, saving you energy costs. The LED lights are long-lasting compared to other lighting designs in the industry.

What not to do:

  • Avoid isolated lighting- discriminate lighting; for instance, only lighting up pathways, individual trees, or patios is not a smart way to light up your landscape. Discriminate lighting leads to the surrounding of an adjacent object with darkness, creating shadows in their wake. Creative lighting incorporates everything in the surrounding, ensuring everything illuminates beautifully.
  • Avoid lighting stairs and pathways in the same style: while pathways are straight, stairways have a descending or ascending aspect, thus creating shadows in their wake. Use different styles when designing lighting for stairs and pathways.
  • If possible, avoid utilizing solar lights- solar lighting relies on the weather (sun) and offers minimal lights. In some instances, this method is unreliable and might not bring out the best in your landscaping project.
  • Avoid the use of bullet lights for every aspect of your landscaping lighting. There are numerous lighting designs available that you can actively incorporate into your landscape.

A landscaping lighting design will ensure that you bring out the best of your landscape, irrespective of the time of day. The lighting designs vary, each with distinct function and modality. Ensure you settle for a lighting system that blends with your surroundings is safe and efficient. The lighting design should also be durable and blends perfectly with your landscape. If you aren’t sure which lighting concept to use for your landscape, this is a great time to call a trusted landscape designer to review your landscape and make suggestions to make your yard extraordinary.

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