Landscape Project in the Town of Golden Beach, FL

At this project in Town of Golden Beach Florida, We have put together a landscape design that enhances the homes architecture as well as improvement to the homes curb appeal. Because there were so many palms on this property we wanted to break the consistency by removing two double Veitchia Palms (20-25’ of overall height) from the planters at the front door entrance and replace them with Italian Cypress. We also removed a Mediterranean Fan Palm from the left side of the house and replaced it with a ‘New River’ Bougainvillea with double layers of Cottoneaster shrubs underneath to create a blocky hedge.

A Podocarpus hedge was planted along the North and South side of the house from the driveway entrance to the back edge of the house. A Cocoplum hedge was planted from the back edge of the house towards the beach because they were more salt tolerant. We upgraded the existing irrigation system by adding a Rainbird Digital Timer and Rainbird 1.5″ electronic valves. We also repaired several breaks in the irrigation lines due to landscape demolition, added numerous sprinkler heads and rerouted pipes to accommodate the new landscape design. In a few days we should be done installing all the plant materials and ready for mulch and landscape lighting.

Other plants to be used on this project are:
Ilex ‘Globe’
Green Island Ficus
Sod ‘Palmetto’
Variegated Pittosporum


Town-of Golden-Beach-Landscaping