Landscape Lighting for Tropical Gardens

Landscape Lighting for Tropical Gardens

Tropical gardens are where everything is large, green and dramatic and adding a little landscape lighting to it makes the entire night in your garden look magical. Do not invest too much for your tropical garden to look good only during the day, imagine all that lushness with a soft glow all through the night too. 

Landscape lighting design is increasingly becoming a popular professional landscape design component. Landscape lighting makes your garden, fully functional for enjoyment throughout the evening not only accentuating your home and adds to the visual appeal of your yard but also ensures safety and security.

Guidelines for Landscape Lighting Designs

Elegant and effective lighting design for your tropical garden requires knowledge of the various landscape lighting practices and techniques as well as detailed planning. Some of the basic guidelines you should follow when designing any outdoor lighting includes;

  • The specific lighting needs of your garden

These include obstacles like walkways and steps that may require proper lighting for safety purposes. For entertaining purposes, consider appropriate lighting that will enhance the atmosphere of the entire space. A good start is having an outdoor lighting plan.

  • The overall theme of your property

While looking into this, do not forget to consider the style of your home if the garden is nearby. Consider lighting options that enhance not only the general look of your garden, but also that of your home.

  • Low voltage landscape lighting design

The low voltage ones since they are safer as well as more energy efficient are quickly replacing the cumbersome high voltage lighting designs. High voltage lighting is normally considered costly and troublesome to install and maintain.

Low voltage lighting is also advantageous since it is resistant to natural elements like cold weather and rain. The low voltage system’s wires and connections can be installed just below the surface and are much more flexible in placement, lighting effects, and fixture styles.

  1. Landscape Lighting Design Ideas for your Tropical Garden

Outdoor lighting designs ideas to make your garden the perfect retreat after dark come in plenty. No matter what the design is, as long as they are planned perfectly, they can bring out the best of your tropical garden. Some of these ideas include;

  1. Garden Lamps

The best thing about garden lamps is that they come in many designs. While some of them are simple and straightforward, other setups allow you to get a bit playful with your imagination. Most garden lamps are not only affordable but also easy to get. They can also be electric, battery or solar-powered.

Lamps can be used to for lighting garden walls, trees or any other tall and massive structure in your garden. You can erect lamps along the garden walkway or even carefully hide them among plants. Besides being a source of light, garden lamps can also be used as stand-alone decoration with so many stylish designed garden lamps found in the market today.

  • In-Ground Garden Lights

Ground lights have grown in popularity over the recent years. The simple underground setup minimizes the entire lighting installation and they appear as if the light is truly coming out of the ground. You can even enhance the design by carefully blending the vegetation in your garden with the garden lights, which also diffuses the light to make it less blinding.

  • LED-Illuminated Vegetation

Instead of lighting your garden from above or the sides, snuggling the lights among the plants brings out a striking visual effect. In the process, it also protects your eyes from excess light. This is especially ideal for a tropical garden when the lights are placed in such a way that it is blocked from directly shining but the large leaves get illuminated instead putting the plants as the main display.

  • String Lights

String lights are usually for those who prefer the light to be a decorative object itself. String lights come in different sizes but the utilization of small string lights is one of the most interesting ideas for gardens. For instance, the “Christmas lights” look especially appealing on bigger trees. Wrap these around canopies and trunks on your garden to bring out a magical “Firefly” feel in your garden.

  • Tiki Torches

Tiki torches, particularly the bamboo torches, originated from Tiki culture but its popularity has spread so much it is now being used in landscape lighting. Bamboo torches are a unique way of adding the tropical lighting effect to your tropical garden. They are also relatively cheap and readily available. They make a better choice for special events for lighting otherwise-unlit parts of your garden since they are practically not for all-night use.

Tiki torches do not come in the bamboo texture only. You can find other options that fit your garden like the metal garden torches. As a precaution, since torches feature an open flame, you might want to be careful especially if you have kids or pets playing around the garden.

  • Lanterns

These portable light sources also feature an open flame but, unlike torches, they have a protective enclosure for the light source. The light source can be a candle or a wick in oil. They are easier to carry and hang up which makes them very reliable for the outdoor.

Lanterns come in different designs such as the classic round lanterns, paper lanterns, the oil-based old vintage lanterns, and even welded artistic lanterns. While lanterns do not also pull an all-nighter, they can be used as stand-alone decorations for events. You can hang them on trees, walls, on the porch or specially designated strings.

These are just some of the ideas for lighting your garden, with a little more imagination, there is no limit to what you can do with your garden. While tropical gardens are already mesmerizing to look at, there is no harm in adding a little more lighting to highlight your precious plants. However, the key to the perfect landscape lighting is quality and good planning.