Landscape Design Styles

When it comes to landscape designs, there is an abundance of styles you can choose from. Also, there is no hard and fast rule about any style; you can take a style and let your imagination do the rest. While you may have a preference for a particular style, you should take into consideration the style of your house and the type of local climate to make it successful and long lasting. Here are 8 of the most popular landscape design styles in Miami, Florida:

1. Mediterranean style:

One of the most popular landscape design styles is the Mediterranean style, which depends heavily on the use of gravel, water and plants to create the desired effect. Plants like citrus fruit, lavender, rosemary, vines and palm trees are arranged in structured groups. Pathways are not formally defined, but created between planted areas using gravel or limestone. Flowing water is used to create a soothing background noise. Pergolas and arbors provide a shady setting for al fresco meals on sunny days. Colorful tiles and mosaics are used to create vibrant patterns. Terracotta pots and tiles are placed liberally in the garden. The purpose is to recreate the Mediterranean environment right where you live.

2. Modern style:

One of the most elegant and mysterious styles, the modern landscape design style has its origin in interior design style of the 1950s and 60s when lines and geometry were the order of the day. Simplicity of lines is the chief characteristic of the modern landscape style. More emphasis is given on structures than on plants. Structures are usually made of concrete, metal or wood. A prominent feature of modern landscape is a paved area planted with a grid of greenery. The paving is done either using concrete or stone. There is usually a pond in the center of the garden. Plants and flowers are of a few colors, rather than a mixture of many different colors. This style is popular because of its streamlined aesthetics and sleek sophistication.

3. Tropical garden style:

The tropical landscape style is similar to the Mediterranean style, but the garden is filled with lush tropical plants with larger leaves and flowers that have brighter colors. Palm trees swaying in the wind, hammocks hanging from the branches of trees, and lots of greenery are the prominent features of a tropical garden. Many tropical style landscapes also have a swimming pool made to look natural using faux boulders, which also serve to create a waterfall or function as jumping rocks. Light colored interior finish is often used to replicate the sparkling turquoise water of a tropical island beach. Shades, called tiki hut or papala, are an important feature of this style and they usually have roofs covered with reeds or palm fronds.

4. Japanese garden style:

The Japanese garden style has become very popular because of the sense of order, elegance and harmony with nature that it provides. Usually made close to the living room, it looks like an extension of the interior space. Pathways and sculptures made of stones, bridges and enclosures made of bamboo, colorful plants and fruits, and miniature ponds and waterfalls feature heavily in a Japanese garden. The most popular plants include sakura, plums, magnolia and rhododendron. Bonsai, the art of growing miniature trees, is a very important feature of a Japanese garden. Shades for sitting are creating using colorful umbrellas. The Japanese garden is not made for walking, but for deep contemplation; so it is especially suitable for small areas.

5. Tuscan garden style:

Tuscany, Italy has been known for its impressive garden designs since medieval times when the powerful Medici ruled the region. Tuscan gardens are often surrounded by vineyards or olive trees, which can be substituted with citrus fruits and potted herbs. The main elements of a Tuscan garden are stonework (walls and paths), gravel, Mediterranean plants, terracotta pots, potted plants, boxed hedge, fountains and urns. Pergolas or arbors provide shades for relaxation. Unique styled chairs and benches provide places to sit and contemplate. Large gardens have mazes (labyrinths) for entertainment. Herbs and vegetables are important features of a Tuscan style garden and an area is usually dedicated for growing them.

6. Cottage garden style:

Originally created to raise crops for the family, the cottage garden style has become popular because of it natural beauty and simplicity. At first glance, the garden may not look well planned because it normally has no formal design. But it doesn’t mean that the designer has not put hard work into it. In fact, since this style largely depends on plants, you have to be very knowledgeable about plants. There is usually no lawn in this type of garden. The paths are narrow and either unpaved or paved with stones, bricks or gravel. Since the plants are allowed to grow in a thick mass, weeding is usually not necessary.

7. Southwest landscape style:

Arizona, New Mexico and other arid regions of the Southwest have given rise to a landscape style which has become very popular in recent years. Having Native American and Spanish roots, it is known for its simplicity, functionality and low maintenance. Common elements of the Southwest style include Native American décor, fountains, terracotta tiles, Olla pottery, red clay pavers, natural stone, plaster, gravel and granite. The patio plays a very important role in this design. It functions as an extension of the living space and provides a large shaded area for relaxation and entertainment. Lawns are usually not incorporated in this style.

8. Coastal landscape style:

This landscape style is very popular in the coastal areas since it gives priority to the surrounding area. It aims to enhance the natural beauty of the location by the use of plants, grasses and shrubs that sway freely in the breeze. The main elements of a coastal landscape style are seagrass furniture, hammocks, shutters, clapboard and marine artifacts. The patio provides a shaded area to view the ocean as well as a place for entertainment. Wood, plastic or metal chairs and benches are placed throughout the landscape to provide space for seating. Sometimes, a creek runs through the plants and grasses to attract wildlife. Coastal style is not suitable for inland areas, however.

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