How To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Increasing the curb appeal boosts the appraisal value of your property. If you are an outdoors person, an attractive facade and frontage create an ambient atmosphere that helps you unwind.

Increasing your curb appeal increases your equity. Like home staging, curb appeal gives your exterior an alluring impression that sways the buyer’s or appraiser’s perception to your advantage. It is a good strategy to increase the curb appeal when refinancing or selling your home.

There are many options you can use to increase your curb appeal. Here are the most valuable ideas that will not break your bank account.

  1. Trellises and Arbors

When you install a picket fence, you can go a step further and incorporate exciting ideas such as trellises. These structures support creeping plants and give you a broader option to consider plants for your fence. You may find that the occasional repainting of your fence can be costlier in the long run. To avoid the extra costs, you can adopt plants that only require simply routine pruning and maintenance.

At the walkway entrance of the driveway, you can adopt a customized trellis to complete the whole fencing theme. It is always essential to ensure that the design of trellises and arbors is consistent with the style of your property

2. Pergolas

Pergolas are versatile. You can adopt pergolas for your porch, front, backyard, or balcony. Most home designers incorporate pergolas, especially in minimalist, modern, and Scandinavian-themed properties. The style has also been popular in Spanish and Mexican designs, where a comfortable patio is a must-have for hot Southwestern summers.

3. Side Street Garden

In some cities, you must maintain the area between the footwalk and your fence. Therefore, you should think of a side street garden that accentuates your fence ideas while blending in with the environment. The garden does not need to be outlandish. The goal is to create an impression that you have maintained your property well

5. Landscaping

Professional landscaping goes beyond the development of a lawn and flowerbeds. It also entails designing a driveway and walkway that is appealing and inviting. There are different outdoor paving tiles ideas that you can adopt. However, you should ensure that the material you use is safe. In winter, accidental falls due to ice can make you liable under the Occupier’s Liability Act. To protect yourself from lawsuits, you can also purchase homeowner’s insurance.

The most critical landscaping consideration is the local climate and the native flora and fauna. For instance, if you live under the Mojave climate in Nevada, you can opt for hardy plants such as cacti. The long-run maintenance cost should be within your budget.

6. Repaint Your Walls

The stucco, wood sidings, garage doors, window casements, and main doors lose their hue to weather elements. Color loss gives your property a dull look, and a prospective buyer could decline a deal. In addition, some property owners are more inclined to stand out and may think of murals. You can also combine colors. For instance, the doors can be bold to contrast the subtle wall hues. However, before repointing, you should inspect your exterior for infestation with vermin or mold to ensure that you also treat the root cause of the discoloration.  

7. Repair Or Upgrade Your Roof

In most cases, roofing materials have a warranty and are unlikely to deteriorate due to weather conditions. With time, the damage is inevitable, and you may need to address the damages before the situation deteriorates. One of the simplest options is repainting your roof. You can add veneers for roof sections such as eaves, downspouts, dormers, gutters, fascia, eaves, and even skylights. Veneer coatings can give the sides a new and shiny look that can restore your property’s original roof style.

8. Outdoor lighting

Path lighting, string lighting, wall lighting, security lighting, lanterns, and more lighting options are ideas you can explore. Lighting gives life to your exterior, especially at night, and gives the space functionality such as hosting a night party. For convenience, you can integrate outdoor lighting with artificial intelligence (AI). You can design the lights for different styles such as minimalist, Scandinavian, antic, and Victorian England styles. In designing outdoor lighting, consider the nature of your property construction and your lifestyle.

9. Outdoor furniture

After adding pomp and color to your outdoor area, the next critical undertaking is to install outdoor furniture. The gazebo, patio, balcony, or lawn. The furniture can comprise rocking chairs, tables, and side cabinets. Some designs incorporate fire pits to keep the bugs out during an outdoor night event in most modern homes. The furniture can bestow functionality to fixtures such as open outdoor kitchens or swimming pools. However, it would help if you considered low-maintenance furniture for your local area climate

10. Open-House Concepts

Sliding French doors, winding windows, and fewer exterior walls are increasingly becoming popular as the need to blend properties into the environment intensifies. Even if you have a patio, you should consider redesigning your home to have a more open concept. This strategy can reduce your energy bills and make your home more livable, especially for children. However, this plan can be expensive, and you should consider it for the long term. 

11. Feng Shui

What next if you don’t have the budget to reorganize and redesign your property to increase your home’s curb appeal? You can consider adopting the Feng Shui principle by doing the following:

  • Getting rid of dying plants
  • Decluttering your exterior
  • Make the driveway and pathway free of obstructions
  • Consult the Bagua and organize your furniture with the direction of the view in mind. For instance, your rocking chair should be in a diagonal position to the main entrance
  • Adopt a harmonious hue
  • Establish boundaries such as a picket fence, a driveway curb, or a flower bed boundary

Feng Shui is the art of peace and harmony that you can achieve by understanding your positive energy needs. You then use fire, wood, metal, earth, and water in a balance that uplifts your spirit. Are you ready to increase the curb appeal of your home but you need more tips? Contact Cortada Landscape today!

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