How to Have The Best Yard in Your Neighborhood

Having the prettiest yard in your block or neighborhood just got easier. And the best part of it is that you do not have to hire a professional at landscaping to do it for you. After all, landscapers do not do anything extraordinary to your lawn that you cannot do by yourself. With the right guide and planning, having the most admired yard in your neighborhood could easily be a reality rather than a dream.

 Working on your yard does not only improves the ambiance of your home, but also increases its value. If you are looking to sell or let the property in the future, this could work in your favor. Read on to find out how you can have the best yard in your block.

Plan Your Planting

If you are starting a new planting, bed, landscape or garden, you might want to consider doing calculated planting, which means planting for the future. When digging holes for your yard flowers and trees, maintain a sizable interval between the holes. Plants grow tall and wide over time, and planting them close together only creates an ugly jungle. Additionally, you should consider going for a variety of plants of different sizes and shapes. Having a variety of plants is an excellent idea, as plants bloom at different times throughout the year. Planting a variety of plants ensures that your yard is colorful and appealing throughout the year.

Go for the Best Grass Type for Your Area

There are various types of grass, and they all thrive best in different areas. They differ in climate, soil type, and nutrients needed to grow and flourish. Your options on grass types are limited depending on where you reside. It is wise to do extensive research online and get opinions from professionals, friends, and family.

Water Your Yard Properly

Contrary to what most lawn owners know and believe, excessive watering does not help your lawn flourish but die. In the spirit of seeking the best yard around, you may want to water your lawn every day. However, professionals strongly advise against this. Instead, they advocate for deep, less frequent watering.

A good long soak occasionally encourages roots to grow deeper into the ground and survive a drought. Also, consider using a sprinkler with spray head nozzles of the correct diameter, depending on the season, grass type, and soil type.

Aerate Your Grass

Lawn aeration involves digging holes in the soil to allow air, water, and essential nutrients to reach the grass roots. Aeration also encourages the deepening of roots for a more robust and healthier lawn. Areas with clay soil also require aeration, since clay soil compacts and suffocate the roots. It is also advisable to aerate during fall for your yard to recover from the harsh summer conditions.

Apply Fertilizer Wisely

Not only do food crops require water, but they also need fertilizer and nutritional boost to flourish. Perhaps this is where lawn pros do it better than most lawn owners. You need to fertilize grass and yard plants at least four times annually. Remember, you are not looking to have another appealing yard in the neighborhood but the best yard possible. There are various fertilizer types to choose from, customized to suit your yard needs for the four different seasons. Applying fertilizer to your lawn helps deepen the roots system in your yard, which is good to maintain a healthy and rich green look.

Use Proper Lawn Care Tools

Lawn care is straightforward, but can turn out disastrously if you use the wrong tools. One vital lawn care tool you need is a reliable lawnmower. More specifically, the mulching mower is best for your lawn, as it cuts the grass and leaves the trimmings as mulch. The recycled grass covering helps avoid water loss by evaporation, and is an excellent natural fertilizer.

In case there are areas where the mulching mower cannot fit, a string trimmer is an ideal substitute. You can use the string trimmer to trim around trees, near delicate flowers, or the edges of your driveway. It is vital to maintain uniformity when trimming, which goes a long way to ensure you have the best yard.

Mow at the Right Time

Attaining the status of the best yard in the block is dependent on more than just having basic mowing skills. Knowing the right time and height to trim is key during this quest. It makes a significant difference compared to those who mow every time the grass appears tall. Different grass types have different optimum heights.

By letting your grass grow to its optimum height before mowing, you allow for deeper root development. You should also mow when the grass is dry to avoid leaving wet grass clumps all over your yard. Additionally, you should vary your mowing pattern to avoid creating ruts in your yard.

Balance Your Lawn soil pH

Understanding and balancing out soil pH is important for developing and maintaining the best yard in your neighborhood. If your lawn pH is low or drops below the desired point, you can apply lime to balance things out. Lime is a soil fertilizer type made from limestone rock and has compounds that aid in balancing soil pH levels. Lawn application also helps in keeping your lawn green.

Control Weeds Always

Weeds consume most of the water and nutrients that grass and yard plants rely on to grow and flourish. Thus, weed control is imperative if you yearn to have the best lawn in your block. There are organic items such as mulch, lemon juice, vinegar, newspaper, and alcohol that you can use to get rid of weeds. Besides, having a yard full of weed is an ugly sight.

Mitigate Lawn Diseases

Lawn disease is an actual thing and can work against your goal of attaining the best yard. Diseases such as fairy spots, browning, and powdery mildew are a few common types of lawn diseases. Lawn disease prevention is easy and cheaper compared to management. 


You do not have to be a landscaper or have a green thumb to be the yard lord in your block. This comprehensive guide entails everything you need to know to have the best lawn in your neighborhood.

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