How to Create Curb Appeal in Your Commercial Property

The curb appeal of a commercial property refers to how attractive its exterior is. The way your property’s exterior looks increases its value and attracts sellers in the real estate industry.

In other words, curb appeal helps attract potential investors and customers by boosting the image of the business. Curb appeal will make your brand look credible.

Here are nine tips you should follow to create curb appeal in your commercial property.

1. Repair the Exterior

Curb appeal is how the public sees your property. The public notices how attractive it is and how you maintain that attractiveness. Therefore, everything on the outside should look new. If your commercial property’s exterior is dilapidated, it won’t make a good impression on potential clients, and some may switch to your competitors.

If possible, walk around with a contractor to identify areas that need repairs and improvements. Check everything, including the paint, roof, windows, gutters, cladding, etc. Some contractors have building checklists that make it easy to inspect properties.

2. Consider a New Fence

If space isn’t an issue, erecting a new fence will help you add security and style. There are several types of fences you can choose from. The choice will depend on the area where your property is and the level of security you need.

You can choose steel fences, concrete fences, brick walls, stone walls with iron fences, PVC/vinyl fences, natural fences, etc. A good fence will improve the curb appeal of your property and make it look secure. An attractive fence also contributes to the credibility of your business.

3. Install New Signage

Signage directs people to your business, whether it’s a salon, restaurant, or food store. Therefore, it makes sense to install new signage, especially if yours is faded or needs repair.

If your signage looks outdated, you need to give it a fresh look. You can hire a professional designer to help you create new signage with an appealing message. Good signage should boost your brand recognition, so it should be something that sticks in people’s minds.

4. Upgrade Your Windows

Windows play a significant role in improving a commercial property’s curb appeal, and that’s why you should not neglect them. The outside look of your property depends so much on the windows it has.

Replace your windows with more modern ones. Modern windows are not only attractive but are also good at noise and heat insulation. They will also help reduce your utility bills because they are environmentally friendly. New windows will also increase the value of your property if you ever plan to sell it.

5. Landscaping Ideas

The landscape is integral to your commercial property’s appeal, and how you design and maintain it affects the property’s curb appeal. The landscape comprises the grass, trees, shrubs, and structures on the outside space. You should arrange these in a manner that is engaging, and they should also complement each other.

You can decide what is appealing to you and your potential clients, but landscaping requires the hands of a professional. You can also get great ideas from current landscaping trends.

6. Lighting Up Your Entrance

Be careful when choosing the lighting design for your commercial property’s exterior. Remember, you usually turn on the lights in the evening. So you must consider how the property will look with the lights on. You want to make the entrance as welcoming as possible.

You can light up the gate, along the pathways, and the main entrance, as well as the building. To save on electricity costs, you can install LED lights with motion sensors.

You can also blend different colors to give the exterior a more attractive look. When choosing bulbs for the exterior, check their ratings to ensure they can withstand the elements.

7. Paint Your Parking Lot

Painting the parking lot is part of sprucing up the property’s exterior. If you have any structure in the parking lot, make sure it is in good shape. Also, check the lines between the spaces.

You can apply new paint to make them look fresh and bold. Also, make sure you paint the parking lot gate and oil it properly. Make this area look as clean and fresh as possible.

8. Cladding Designs

Don’t ignore the cladding on your property’s exterior if you are serious about renovations. A suitable cladding will significantly boost the curb appeal of your property. You can use any type of cladding that you feel will attract the attention of your visitors.

Check out the current trend on what people use. And if the cladding you already have looks worn out, consider replacing it. You can choose stone cladding, metal cladding, fiber cement cladding, glass cladding, vinyl cladding, or weatherboard cladding.

Before you embark on a significant renovation exercise, make sure you get permission from your local authority. You’ll also need permission from your local planning committee.

9. Think Long Term

When working on the curb appeal of your commercial property, think long term. Remember that much of what you’ll do needs money. So you must ensure that whatever improvements you make do will last for a long time.

When you choose new features and plants, you should keep long-term maintenance in mind. Choose durable materials when installing new fences, cladding, window boxes, lighting, etc.


Improving your commercial property’s curb appeal is not a one-day affair, and it needs proper planning and professional execution. Any redesign should consider potential clients. It will help if you hire an expert to help you through the process. This person will help you plan and then implement your improvements.

The trend nowadays is to future-proof buildings by using durable materials and more permanent finishes. The more a commercial property is future-proofed, the more its curb appeal and value will increase. Make sure you deal with a qualified and registered contractor. If you can’t get one yourself, talk to your friends or relatives who have undertaken a similar project.

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