Guide To Modern Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Practices

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is not rocket science. However, it requires time, patience, and the right skills. This does not necessarily mean getting an expert landscaper but having the correct information beforehand. Modern landscaping entails balancing nature with landscaping elements such as outdoor furniture, lights, and other outdoor décors. Landscaping and lawn maintenance has become easier with technological advancements and easy access to information. Modern landscaping should be a top consideration if you are moving to a new home or looking to revamp your current one. Here is a comprehensive guide on essential modern landscaping and lawn maintenance techniques to give your home that chic and magical look.

Keep it Simple

As time passes, simplicity is proving to be the way to go. With the right design and landscaping accessories, you can create a simple yet stunning yard that does not break the bank. In modern living, space is a real issue, so you might not get to add all your dream landscaping accessories to your yard. Rather than going for an extensive lawn, a smaller lawn allows you to do more with your back or front yard. This gives you space for more furniture, ground cover plants, or even the possibility of an outdoor deck or a swimming pool.

While designing your dream lawn, allocate a small section for the lawn and leave more space for additional outdoor pieces. With more furniture and outdoor accents like a pool or a pond, little work is left regarding lawn maintenance.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is an excellent modern landscaping practice that allows maximum space utilization. In vertical gardening, you can grow plants suspended on a vertical panel using hydroponics. However, you need a yard design to spot the ideal place to set up the vertical garden. A great feature of a vertical garden is building it yourself. Hundreds of online DIY tutorials can help set up your vertical garden if you adopt this concept. The design is also essential, as switching plans or moving pieces can be challenging once the plants begin to grow. You also have a variety to choose from when it comes to planting, as only small plants work with vertical gardens. 

With vertical gardening, there is very little maintenance work required other than watering. Weeding may not be necessary with the vertical garden as it leaves little to no room for weeds to grow.


One of the latest landscaping trends is Xeriscaping. This entails combining aspects of modern landscaping, such as less lawn and simplicity, to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. It requires precise planning and, often, expert services to analyze soil and help you choose the ideal pants for your space. The reason for this is due to varying climatic conditions. With Xeriscaping, you pick the right plants that will suffice in your yard throughout the year, with very little maintenance required.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Your back or front yard is your immediate environment, one that you need to consider when planning to improve the look of your home. Eco-friendly practices allow for sustainability and affordable landscaping. Modern eco-friendly trends include:

1)     Composting to Curb Food Wastage

You can conserve and help the environment by adding some simple elements to your gardening plan. You can practice onsite rainwater collection for plant watering to keep the lawn evergreen all year round.

You can also design a specific section of your lawn to be pollinator friendly, especially since bees have become scarce in many parts of the country. You do not need the entire yard filled with flowers. A small colorful area in your small yard can brighten the outdoor space.

Also, design an area for composting. Not only will that help your landscape by providing fertilizer for your yard, but it also cuts down on food wastage.

2)     Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor does not have to remain just that; outdoor. When designing your outdoor space, consider converting it into a living space. Recently, more people are adding life to their outdoor spaces, and you can be part of the trend. Working at home has become a norm, but home does include indoors. As part of modern landscaping, setting up a screened-in porch or a shaded lounge area with colorful lighting extends your living space, which you can use to lounge or work; whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

The outdoor living space is not limited to a lounge area, as you can build an outdoor kitchen to host guests and make those outdoor cookouts more memorable.

3)     Smart Home Technologies

With the latest tech developments, smart home tech integration is the exact definition of modern landscaping and lawn maintenance practices. This includes features like automatic sprinklers with smart controllers to water your lawn. Light sensors that automatically turn on the lights on your lawn at dusk are also a fun feature of modern landscaping.


With the incorporation of outdoor living space into your home, privacy is a need. There are several ways to separate your lawn from your neighbors and keep away pets and children from stepping all over your beautifully mowed and maintained lawn. A vertical garden is a perfect aspect of modern landscaping than can serve this purpose. You can also choose to grow a low-maintenance hedge or bush with beautiful flowers to keep unwanted visitors off your lawn and keep it attractive from the outside.


Mulching is not a new concept in lawn maintenance, but it has proved viable over the years. Many people living in extremely hot zip codes use mulching to protect lawn plants from losing water. Mulching is most effective for lawn plants from the nursery or freshly planted ones that need as much water to grow if you are revamping your lawn, considering mulching as an effective lawn maintenance practice.

Plant Trees

Trees provide adequate shade, which is essential for growing a healthy lawn, especially in arid and semi-arid areas. Planting trees along the edges of your lawn come in handy during summer. Trees take a long time to grow, but you can get genetically modified trees to do the work thanks to research and development.


Modern landscaping and lawn maintenance are more about design and creativity. Your yard can be the talk of the town without having to break the bank o work with landscaping experts to do a complete overhaul. With this guide, you can easily enjoy your outside as much as you want the inside, or better yet, make it your new living space.

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