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Tips for Creating a Good Residential Design

Creating a good residential design is about using your imagination to create a living environment that is both beautiful and functional. When creating such a design, some of the important things to consider are the house style, landscape style, local residential laws, the costs of implementation, the natural surroundings and local climate, and your own…
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Landscape Design Styles

When it comes to landscape designs, there is an abundance of styles you can choose from. Also, there is no hard and fast rule about any style; you can take a style and let your imagination do the rest. While you may have a preference for a particular style, you should take into consideration the…
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Landscape Project in the Town of Golden Beach, FL

At this project in Town of Golden Beach Florida, We have put together a landscape design that enhances the homes architecture as well as improvement to the homes curb appeal. Because there were so many palms on this property we wanted to break the consistency by removing two double Veitchia Palms (20-25’ of overall height)…
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