Garden Lighting Ideas

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Outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in the way your landscape looks. This is especially true during the evening hours. The right lighting adds curb appeal to your property and showcases the beautiful plants and flowers in your garden. Here are a few lighting ideas that will bring attention to the natural beauty of your home and your yard.

Selecting the Right Lighting

The type of lighting you select will help to determine what you need for the rest of your landscape designing project. Consider the function of the lights, as well as the method(s) used for positioning. Other factors to consider include the layout of the lights and the ability you have to adjust the lights. Think about the installation process for the lights as well. Make sure you know where the power sources are on your property so you can connect your lights safely.

Lighting Your Garden Path

Path lighting makes your property more inviting and is a common type of outdoor lighting. This type of lighting is also practical. The lights can lead guests to your door, porch or garden space. If you have flowers planted along the sidewalk or driveway on your property, path lighting can make the blooms stand out. You can choose from standard light colors with white or yellow tinges. However, there are also path lights that come in specialty hues like blue, green or red. Consider the color of your decorative plants when choosing the right lighting shades. For instance, if you have several blue and purple plants in your yard, consider orange-tinged lighting. Blue and orange are on opposite sides of the color wheel and complement each other well. This is also true for shades of green and red. Red-tinged lighting makes lush plants appear greener. Red flowers are also more pronounced when soft green lighting is shining on them.

Postmount and Columnmount Lighting

Lanterns fastened on top of tall posts can provide postmount lighting for your garden. Position these lights in the corners of the garden space. This allows the light to shine downward into the center and borders of the garden. Postmount lighting also looks great along fences and gates. If your garden is near your patio or deck, postmount lighting can enhance your garden’s aesthetic. The lights also make it easier for you and your loved ones to gather outdoors. If you’re sitting on the porch or have an outdoor kitchen, postmount lighting can add a perfect finishing touch.

Columnmount lighting is another choice. These lights serve the same purpose as postmount lights. However, columnmount lights are mounted on top of brick, concrete, and stone instead of on posts. Columnmount lights are best for rocks surrounding your garden. You can also mount the lights on the brick siding of your home facing the garden.

Lights for the Deck

Deck and porch lighting are necessary, regardless of the size of your porch or deck area. You may need lighting for the seating or table on your deck, but the light is also necessary for your nearby garden. If there are plants surrounding the patio, small accent lights pair well with the larger light used for the main area of the deck. You can combine light colors for a mixture that is warm and welcoming. For instance, for a monochromatic look, match soft orange lighting with yellow and orange flowers like marigolds or sunflowers. If you want to coordinate your garden with soft, evening lighting, purple and blue lights are ideal. The lights can be coupled with beautiful garden blooms like violets and bluebells.

Add Light to Steps

The steps leading up to your front or back door are ideal areas for lighting. If you have plants on the porch that you want to showcase, installing lights on the actual steps is both attractive and practical. The lights can also bring more attention to the plants that are arranged on the sides of your staircase. Choose lighting colors that coordinate with the wood finish of your steps. If the wood has a dark undertone, like cherrywood or mahogany, red or brown-tinged lights will look stunning. For wood that is painted in cool colors like blue or gray, lights in shades of white and blue are best. Step lights accentuate your well-manicured garden while making it safer to climb the steps at night.

Put the Spotlight on Your Garden

If you want versatile lighting, choose a spotlight for your garden. You can use a taller spotlight to feature a beautiful flower or fruit tree. Shorter spotlights can draw to eyes to shrubs and border plants. You can change the intensity of these lights based on the season. When the shrubs and trees in your garden bloom, lights that showcase the colorful flowers gives your home instant curb appeal. You can also use spotlights to showcase additional décor in your garden such as fountains, sculptures or birdbaths. Since spotlights also emit very bright light, they’re also great for security lighting. You can easily see if someone is coming on your property, which can make you and your family feel safer.

Moon Lighting

Positioning lights in trees to give the illusion of moonlight can also make your garden more attractive. Moon lights can also illuminate nearby paths and walkways. The lights also work well for bringing attention to flowers that are planted just below the trees. You can choose from lighting in standard colors or you can opt for lights with a blue or gray glow. These color choices mimic the light that comes from the moon.

Lighting Combos

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to just one form of lighting. A combination of lighting can enhance your garden space. There are also lights that serve more than one function. For instance, small spotlights can showcase the succulents along the walking path. These lights are bright, so they can draw people’s attention to your plants while making the path clear. Large lights that offer medium lighting to cover a large space highlights plants of various sizes.

A combination of lighting colors is a creative decorative choice for your garden as well. Choose lights in hues that match the exterior of your house. Alternatively, coordinate the lights with the overall color scheme of your garden. You can also match the colors of the lights with the hues of your pool and outdoor living space. For instance, if earth tones are the main theme of your outdoor kitchen, choose tan or yellow lighting. If your landscape features various shades of gray, lights that are tinged with blue or green keep the gray from looking so stark.

These lighting choices are a great way to demonstrate how proud you are of your garden. You may also find that great lighting motivates you to spend more time outdoors. When you take time to enjoy your garden space, you may decide to make additional lighting choices to further enhance your garden.