Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Custom Landscape Designer

Custom landscapes are not different from custom suits, custom cars, custom furniture, or anything else customizable. Like all “bespoke” or custom items, precision is paramount throughout the process.

A perfectly done landscape is a beautiful sight. You have seen perfection in other people’s lawns or backyards. You can also live the dream of a gorgeous landscape, but only by finding the right person to help you make your dream a reality. Of course, you can do it yourself (or DIY), but why limit yourself to your ideas and the bits of information you have gathered online? Landscape designers have been doing this for eons, and you can benefit from their rare and unique set of skills.

If you expect aptness and precision for your landscape, then working with a landscape designer is your only option. They have all the necessary skills and experience to transform your ideas into a work of art. To verify this, take a quick read on the reasons you may need a landscape designer.

Good Understanding of Local Building and Planning Policies

Times have changed, and with the changing times come changing local planning and building regulations. The authorities have decentralized their services and incorporated technology in their service delivery. Decentralized services means it has become much easier for local authorities to verify building plans, including landscaping plans, and identify those who defy these regulations.

If you are looking to create a masterpiece, why not begin by complying with the local building and planning regulations? The best-suited person to guide you through this is a qualified landscape designer. Most landscape designers are also landscape architects and have the proper documents from the relevant authorities. Even for those who are not architects, the law is clear on the dos and don’ts. Get yourself a landscape designer for your custom landscape and save yourself any trouble with the local authorities.

Site Analysis and Budgeting

The internet is full of landscape DIYs in the form of videos and articles, but this still does not cut it. For a successful custom landscape project, you need a professional landscaper with the right design and rendering tools to look at your yard and do a site analysis. Site analysis includes soil type analysis, plant varieties appropriate for the local climate, and technical aspects such as land gradients. These are all relevant in creating a more visually realistic landscape design with all your ideas and preferences considered.

You can’t capture all these nitty-gritty details in most DIYs available online, not to mention the tools needed to bring the design to life. In addition to canvassing the site, a professional landscaper can give you a cost estimate for your custom landscape project. Custom landscaping is costly, and having an estimate will be an added advantage, because you’ll be able to budget for the project.

Save! Save! Save!

There is nobody who enjoys spending less and getting poor results. Relying on DIYs can help you save but may not necessarily offer you the ability to breathe life into your ideas. Working with a landscaper for your custom landscape saves money and makes your dreams a reality. Landscapers add knowledge, experience, and the market connections necessary for curating a budget fit for your wallet. This way, you are sure of big savings at the end of the bespoke landscape project.

In addition, entrusting your landscaping project to a professional saves you on a very scarce resource: time. A lot of work goes into the design of landscapes, from design research, time for mistakes and do-overs, and finally getting it done. Landscaping is just a part of the many things you need to do, so why not let a professional do it for you? Look at the expense as more of entrusting the task to an expert rather than delegating an important project in your life. With a landscaper, you can be sure that your custom landscape dream is in the right hands. Now you can go about other errands equally as crucial with little or no worry.

Unmatched Results

Everyone can come up with custom landscape ideas, but working with a landscape designer takes things to a different level. You can transform your landscape ideas with a landscaper’s knowledge, skill, and experience. Landscape designers have all it takes to transform your custom landscape ideas and dreams into an unbelievable reality. In short, expect fewer mistakes and do-overs when working with a landscape designer.

Landscape designers come with knowledge, experience, tools, and their reputations. Landscapers spend years training and perfecting on the job, learning how to be the best outdoor architects. They also use ultramodern technology and work with great precision to develop a landscape plan. There is no better person tailored to transform your space into a work of art.

Increase Property Value

There is nothing wrong with wanting your home to appreciate in value.  One way to raise the curb appeal and the value of your home is custom landscapes for your residential or commercial properties. Landscaping is an easy and ideal way to increase property value, especially custom landscaping. People love living in spaces customized to their preferences, and the lawn is one part of a home that can best illustrate this. There is no reason why tenants and buyers will not be willing to pay extra for an impeccably customized landscape. The catch, however, is to have a landscape designer do it for you.

With their vast experience, landscape designers have a better understanding of landscaping for commercial property. Budgeting with a landscape designer also helps cut down on landscaping expenses. In return, you enjoy maximum profit from selling or renting the property. Your ideas and execution may be great but do not necessarily help increase the property’s value.


Need to find a great landscaper? Search for the best custom landscape designers in your area and enjoy the greatness of skill and experience. Eliminate the guesswork by enlisting the services of a reputable landscape designer. DIY projects might work for some people, but if you don’t have much experience doing landscaping designing, you could end up with a poor design and waste a lot of money and time in the process. Hiring a professional will be a wise thing to do, and it will help you comply with the local landscaping regulations and avoid fines. If you’re ready to find your perfect landscaper, we can help. Contact Cortada Landscape today.

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