Five Landscaping Books You Need to Read

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Landscaping is an activity that needs proper planning and execution. If you don’t have basic knowledge of how to do it, you should consider getting information from the available sources. Some of the most reliable sources of landscaping information are books.

Several authors with a passion for landscaping have written books that can give you the information you need. This article discusses the five landscaping books you need to read.

1. Lawn Gone! by Pam Penick

Pam Penick wrote this informative book for those who want to focus on their lawns. Many people find it challenging keeping up their yards. If you are one of them, then Lawn Gone! will significantly help you out. It’s an exciting guide for turning your lawn into a fantastic landscape that uses less water and requires less care. Penick covers different types of drought-tolerant plants, grasses and even highlights the ideal artificial grass you should use. This book is a practical guide on beautifying a yard and eliminating a resource-sucking lawn. This is one of the most recommended books on landscaping.

2. Edible Landscaping by Rosaline Creasy

This is an exciting book. Author Rosalind Creasy provides a captivating approach to how you can landscape. It is unique that, instead of just providing information on landscaping methods, Creasy gives plants as alternatives to it. She explains how you can landscape with plants that are also edible. This is extremely advantageous because you will beautify your yard and reduce the negative impacts other landscaping methods might have. Creasy’s book will help you understand how you can incorporate edible plants into your landscape. The author is highly knowledgeable in her field, having been an agricultural expert for three decades. Apart from giving you crucial information on landscaping, the book provides you with a list of edible plants. This is a bonus given the importance of this list.

3. The Living Landscape by Rick Darke

This landscaping book by author Rick Darke offers a compelling insight into landscaping. One major reason people aren’t getting rid of their lawns is that they still serve as play areas for kids. Furthermore, people host events in these spaces. In this book, the author shows you exactly how you can handle this situation. It is an approach that doesn’t rely on the shape of the lawn. It also gives you an ideal space that makes it possible for children and adults to play. Darke provides many exciting demonstrations in the book and proposes a reliable plan on how to achieve this landscape. This is a book that is not only helpful for landscapers but also homeowners.

4. Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping by Rita Buchanan

Written by Rita Buchanan, this is a book with a lot of essential details about landscaping. We all can agree that landscape design can sometimes be challenging. You can imagine how intricate landscape design can be. It does not matter how many years of experience you have in gardening. You still need to pay attention to so many aspects. This book explains the concept of landscaping and shows you how to hire excellent landscapers and how to vet them. Determined to do it on your own? This book explains how you can design beautiful places, choose plants, and create privacy with fences and hedges.

5. Step-by-Step Landscaping by Better Homes and Gardens

This landscaping book contains all the essential information you need to know about landscaping. If you like visual content, then this is the book to read. It has more than 800 photographs of gardens and more than 100 completed projects. This is an ideal book for someone who is just starting landscaping. It explains everything step by step with illustrations.

Other Books to Consider

Here are a few more books on landscaping that you will find helpful.

Paradise Planned by Robert A. M. Stern

This book talks more about landscaping history and may not be beneficial if you want a practical guide to landscaping. However, you can still obtain crucial information. Furthermore, this is a fascinating book to read. You will find information on the history of a suburban garden, dating back to 1800. This is one subject that has become central to gardeners today. They attempt to use the methods gardeners of the past employed to see if they can enhance modern gardens. City planners have also referred to this book when making decisions about city infrastructures.

Landscape Architecture: The Introduction by Robert Holden

Robert Holden’s book is a proper primer when it comes to landscape architecture. If you are pursuing a career in landscaping architecture, then this is the book you should read. It is one of the most detailed books on landscaping and gives insights on how to implement strategies.

The book goes beyond the hobbyist landscape design and even advises you on managing your landscape over some time. If you are considering having a career in this field, this book will be of extreme importance. It will give you a deeper understanding of this field and how to go about it.

Natural Architecture Now by Francesca Tatarella

Like many of the books on this list, this one also focuses on general landscaping aspects. For example, it talks about creating a shelter by using the natural surroundings. This book is extraordinarily impactful, especially if you are pursuing a career in this field.

Hellstrip Gardening by Evelyn Hadden and Joshua McCullough

This is another book with detailed information on landscaping. Some species have gone extinct because of various factors. This book guides you on how to reclaim and beautify these species. The authors of this book are highly experienced. Joshua McCullough has been a landscaping professor for almost two decades. His co-author, Evelyn Hadden, grew up in a family that idolized gardening. Thus, she gained significant experience and knowledge.

If you can get your hands on one or a few of these books, you will increase your landscaping knowledge. You will also find out what works for you.