Eight Best Residential Landscape Ideas

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There are many ways to increase the value of your property. However, none of these ways beats updating your home’s landscape to make it more entertaining and relaxing. Surprisingly, upgrading your landscape may not be as expensive as you might think. Most of what’s in this article are DIY projects. Here are eight of the best residential landscape ideas.

1) Greet your guests with beautiful flowers.

You’ll make your landscape very welcoming by using flowers. Use assorted perennials and annuals to adorn your entrance to ensure your compound is awash with attractive colors. Plants such as ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ roses, Lily-of-the-Nile, Snapdragon, and Petunia will keep your compound beautiful throughout the year.

Also, if your house is close to the street, construct a low fence in front of it. That will create an illusion that the house is further from the street than it actually is.

2) Plant more rambling vines

Rambling vines are a great way to utilize your yard. These plants are more romantic and stately than those winding around your columns and fences. For a better outcome, choose a flowering rambling vine species like clematis. This plant is the showiest of all vines with white, pink, red, purple, and blue blossoms.

You should grow these plants in containers, on a trellis, or the fence. Or, if you want a more laissez-faire landscaping style, let them scramble and ramble over your perennials and shrubs.

3) Dress up the driveway

The driveway is a crucial component of your home when you want to improve your landscape. Your driveway is the path along which you and your guests will drive when you arrive home. For this reason, you need to carefully choose the right materials and plants to make them more attractive.

You can transform your driveway into a paradise by taking these few steps. For example, you can create a raised lawn at its center to form a captivating island of lush green grass. You can plant perennials, roses, and annuals on both sides of the driveway and trim them well. Blend various heights, textures, and colors for a great look.

Also, remember to add some solar lights along the driveway to give your home a dreamy, romantic look. Solar lights are better because they won’t impact your monthly power bills.

4) Hide the outdoor structures

If you have unsightly outdoor structures, find a way to hide them. For example, you may have old outdoor workplaces, garages, or sheds that make your compound look unattractive. The best way to hide them is to use plants, shrubs, and flowers. You can also use painted wooden planks erected in strategic places. Another great idea is to use potted ferns.

5) Construct a retaining wall

Adding a retaining wall to your home will not only add to its attractiveness but is also a significant investment. Adding a retaining wall will make your neighbors envious. Rather than creating a small picket fence, you can hire a professional to construct a stone retaining wall. The wall should surround your home to provide a sense of privacy, though it won’t hide you from your neighbors.

Make sure the retaining wall matches your home decor, including the gate and your house’s architecture. The aim is to make sure the gate and wall look as if all of the décor was constructed at the same time.

6) Create a sitting garden

Most people like to create gardens in their backyards, but this hides their beauty. If you can create a dreamy garden, do so in the front yard to boost your curb appeal. Using rose bushes will make your garden the envy of your neighbors, especially if they bloom into the summer. Make your garden better by adding a picnic table or cafe table and some chairs to the garden. The garden will create a peaceful oasis where you can relax in the evening after a hard day’s work.

A garden is a place where you can relax at night, so you need to add some light to it. A string of ambient light around or above the garden will make your front yard look straight out of a movie. In this case, too, you can use solar lights of different colors. Another affordable option is to use LED lights.

Additionally, you can add hidden rooms, inspiring vistas, meandering streams, and intersecting streams. Other great ideas for your garden include creating an attractive flower display, a bench, a statue, a fountain, and a wall of plants.

7) Add an outdoor fireplace

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting out at night watching the night sky. But this experience can be more enjoyable if you have an elegant outdoor fireplace in your front yard. The fireplace should be designed in such a way that it looks attractive even when not in use. However, the fireplace should not be in the front yard if you don’t have enough space. It may create a cluttered look and be a distraction.

8) Plant grass

You should plant grass in any space left in your yard. That green, lush appearance will greatly improve the attractiveness of your home. The grass is also an excellent place to relax when you are tired. Make sure the grass is well kept and not allowed to overgrow.

Choose a hardy species that can survive the hot summer without much watering. You should have stone walkways where you have planted the grass to prevent people from walking on it. Also, you should line the walkways with decorative or solar lights to ensure they are visible at night.


Improving the curb appeal of your home by updating your landscape doesn’t have to be a costly affair. By implementing some of the ideas discussed above, you’ll have the most incredible yard in your neighborhood. If you are too busy to work on your landscape, you can hire a professional landscaper. In some cases, you may need an irrigation system to keep your landscape green. If that’s the case, you must also identify a qualified and experienced irrigation contractor for the job. Need help finding the perfect landscaper for you? We can help. Contact Cortada Landscape today.

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