Delray Beach Florida, Landscaping Project

When designing a landscape job it is always a good idea not only to consider your clients needs and wants, but to also incorporate what would help boost your client’s resale value of their home in the long run.  Designing the front yard and backyard as too different spaces is excellent idea because they more often than not serve two completely different purposes.

For this job in Palm Beach Florida we wanted to create a design which the maintenance requirements were minimal, however a few plants would require pruning on a semi-annual basis.  As for any landscape project our initial meeting with our clients is to discuss their needs and wants, and deciding whether or not to keep some of the existing plant materials.  Once we know the plants materials we want to keep, we can than begin our design to include these existing plants and trees.  On this projected we removed roughly 210 cubic yards of plant materials.

Around the pool 4 Malayan coconuts palms with 10′ of wood were installed to provide shading along with 11 Sabal palms and 103 areca palms along the backyard fence line for privacy.  We also planted a variety of citrus fruit trees in the backyard.  On the left side of the house a bed of grey granite gravel was spread while using Aluminum Metal Edging to contain the gravel plus separating it from the Bermuda sod.  Mexican Beach Pebbles were used under the Coconut palms which provided a nice contrast with the white pavers.

The irrigation system consisted of Four zones using Rainbird PEB 1.5″ Electronic Valves, 1.5″ PVB Backflow and a Rainbird ESP Timer. Irrigation mainline was installed at a minimum depth of 12” and all Lateral piping was installed at a minimum depth of 6”-8”.  This system source was a 2” city water meter which provided plenty of pressure.  Rainbird Pop-up and Rotors were used to irrigate the plants and sod.

Plants Material Used:

Areca Palms

Sabal Palms

Coconut Palms

Orange Bird of Paradise

Meyer Lemon

Persian Lime


Muhly Grass

Sword Fern

Dune Sunflower

Roebelini Palm



Yellow Walking Iris

Confederate Jasmine


Wart Fern

Purple Queen

Bermuda sod


Hardsacpe Material Used:

Gray Granite Gravel

MexicanBeach Pebbles

Aluminum Metal Edging


Delray-Beach-Landscape Delray-Beach-Landscaping

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