Coral Gables Backyard Landscaping

This project in Coral Gables came out amazing. With the all the different elements that came together to break up the space; we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project. The backyard is not only a place to spend time outdoors but also a place to relax and serve as the focal point for a variety of functions such as dining, socializing, and recreation. Due grade differences in this backyard we created a one foot high retaining wall around the patio decking area using oolite (Coral Rock) slabs which separated the patio area and created a step up to the planting area. Green island ficus plants were planted as a border around the oolite slabs which also added a nice contrast with oolite used for the retaining wall. Sacred Bali Bamboo was used along the back fence to provide privacy from the neighbor. A drip irrigation system was installed under grey granite gravel to irrigate the landscaping.

Other plants used on this project are:
Red Leea
Cabada Palm
Wart Fern
Rhapis Palm