Commercial Landscaping Project in Davie, Florida

Here are some pictures from a commercial installation we did in Davie Florida. For this project we transplanted three Royston Elata, Flordia Royal Palm roughly 20’ GW (grey wood) and installed several large trees and palms between 10’- 20’ height. Numerous smaller shrubs, St. Augustine Sod and Bahia grass were also installed. We also designed and installed the irrigation system which consisted of 8 zones using Rainbird PEB 2 inch valves and a Rainbird ESPM controller. Water source is a 3” Galvanized well with a sta-rite 5 hp pump.

Some of the Trees and Palms planted were:
Gumbo Limbo
Silver Button Wood
Dahoon Holly
Southern Live Oak
Coconut Palm
Flordia Royal Palm
Sabal Palm


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