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A beautiful, stylish, and well-maintained landscape enhances the prestige of a commercial property. Whether it’s a hotel, resort, shopping center or a corporate office. It is the first thing your customers and business associates see when they drive up to the building. A great landscape can exude success and shows the kind of professionalism that you want to project. This is why many companies in Miami, Florida and elsewhere give so much importance to creating the perfect landscape and choosing the right commercial landscape contractor is the first step.

The benefits of commercial landscape installation:

Commercial landscape installation is not just about making your commercial premises look great. It has several benefits that include the following:

Improves aesthetics:

We are naturally attracted to beautiful things. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn gives your company a clean professional look. A freshly manicured lawn says a lot about who you are as a company. Clients will see that you take pride in the appearance of your company and that you care. Which could translate into customers knowing that you will care for them as well.

Increases market value:

Since buyers are instinctively attracted to nice places, an aesthetically done landscape installation can help increase the market value of your property. This is one reason realtors always recommend landscaping. When your neighbors notice how the value of your property has appreciated, they too will likely implement some landscaping of their own, which makes the entire neighborhood more attractive and further helps increase the value of the neighborhood.

Promotes Eco-friendly lifestyle:

A well designed, installed and maintained landscape shows that your company cares deeply about the environment. Since an increasing number of people are into eco-friendly living, your existing and potential clients will appreciate the efforts you have put into protecting the community’s ecological system. Your neighbors and business associates will be encouraged to follow your example, which will have an overall effect on promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Helps increase productivity:

Studies have shown that a beautiful natural environment is highly conducive to productivity. When people are surrounded by natural elements, they are known to work more efficiently and effectively. Commercial landscapes are usually designed to create a peaceful setting, which promotes happiness. As everyone knows, happiness is the key to a healthy and productive life. Thus, a beautiful landscape helps increase productivity.

Deters criminal activities:

Well maintained areas are more likely to remain crime-free since they are regarded by criminals as well-guarded and off-limits. Also, such an area attracts more visitors in the daytime and is well-lit at night, which also deters criminal activities. A lower crime rate leads to a more trusting community, which is essential for creating a great business environment.

Commercial landscape installation processes:

Commercial landscape installation includes some or all of the following processes depending on factors like terrain, soil type, climate and what you want to install.

Fine grading:

Fine grading is the first phase in landscape installation. It is the work done to prepare an area for seeding, planting or paving. It may involve compacting the earth to give a finer finish, leveling the surface, or creating a slope or terrace. The earthwork thus created is known as the sub-grade or finished contouring. Fine grading is often done using heavy machinery, such as a bulldozer and excavator.

Soil preparation:

Soil preparation means preparing the soil for seeding and planting. For plants to grow well and remain healthy, the soil must be fertile, well drained yet able to retain moisture, and have adequate air circulation. Preparing the soil may involve soil testing, removing the grass, plowing, spading or rototilling, breaking down large clumps, adding manure or compost, adding lime and raking the bed to make it smooth and leveled.

Hydro seeding:

Hydro seeding is a planting process where seed, fertilizers and other additives are combined with water and mulch to create a slurry, which is then sprayed on the ground to establish vegetation and control erosion. The ingredients are usually mixed in a truck or trailer mounted on a tank. Hydro seeding has several advantages over the traditional seeding process, such as faster and more uniform germination, and better erosion control.


Hardscaping is a process that is concerned with the installation of hard materials such as concrete, stone, brick, wood and metal. It is a major subcategory of landscaping and includes building stone pavements, gravel walkways, stone steps, concrete patios, brick patios, wooden fences, wrought-iron fences, wooden decks and wooden or masonry pergolas.

Plant installation:

Plant installation is the process of installing trees, shrubs and flowers. It may be done by hand or using specialized machinery. Sometimes, young trees and fully grown shrubs may have to be uprooted and transferred. In such cases, heavy machines like mobile cranes and forklifts may be used. But most of the time, plant installation is done by expert hands.

How to choose a commercial landscaping installer:

There are many commercial landscape companies that cater to the needs of commercial property owners, but finding the right one is not easy. Some landscape companies you come across in Miami, Florida may only be capable of providing the basic landscaping services. Try to avoid these companies because they will leave you with a long list of unfulfilled needs at the end of the project.

Here are some tips on how to choose a commercial landscape installer:

• Give preference to well-established companies that offer comprehensive landscape design, installation and maintenance services.
• Check the company’s record with the office of Local Business Bureau.
• Make sure the company, owner or employee is a registered member of a professional organization, such as the American Society of Landscape Architects.
• Find out how long they have been in business and their most noteworthy clients.
• Request to see their portfolio of past and current projects. A bigger portfolio means more experience and greater trust by clients.
• Ask them if they provide guarantees on their work and services. Not all companies provide this value-added service.
• Read the latest consumer surveys that rate landscaping companies according to their professionalism, reliability, quality of service and prices.

Always make sure to hire a company with several years of experience in landscaping. One landscaping company in Miami, Florida that you can trust for both residential and commercial landscaping services, including design, installation, repair and maintenance, is Cortada Landscape Design. Call us today for all your landscaping needs.




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