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Orange Plants for Your Fall Garden

Now that the fall season is here, you may want to achieve a new color scheme for your garden. Burnt orange, bright shades of red and greens that are both muted and pronounced are a few choices. If you want to make your fall garden more attractive with shades of orange this season, there are…
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Creating a Rock Garden

A rock garden is a beautiful way to make your home’s exterior look appealing and inviting. Even if you have a lush green lawn, you may still want a rock garden to add another earthy element to your yard. The type of rock garden you choose will depend on the size of your garden and…
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Modern Landscape Design Ideas

For so many of our clients at Cortada Landscape Design, designing the interior rooms of their homes is second nature. They’re perfectly at home choosing paint colors, hunting for the perfect furniture, and finding the best piece of artwork for that space above the mantle. But, when it comes to making their outdoor space look…
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